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Learn how to compile final grades for students in VU Collaborate!

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Learn about how to finalise student grades in VU Collaborate in preparation for submitting the final grade in VU Connect. The Final Grade column lists the calculated final grade for each student in the GradeBook. Reduce the amount of administration time by ensuring: 

·          The ‘Automatically keep final grades updated’ option is selected when setting up your GradeBook 

·          There are no grade items that still need marks to be entered 

·          Manually adjusted grade items are correct 

Please view our common questions below: 

Do I have to manually enter the grades for Assessment Dropbox and Quizzes? 

No, grades that are linked to quizzes or Assessment Dropboxes can be automatically passed to the GradeBook and don’t need to be entered manually. View the Grading page on the VU Collaborate help site for more information. 

Grades given Assessment Dropbox folders are not displaying in the GradeBook, why? 

In order for grades from an Assessment dropbox folder to be sent through to the GradeBook, feedback given to students must be Published. View the Evaluate a Dropbox Submission section for more information. 

Grades given for Quizzes are not displaying in the GradeBook, why? 

As students complete Quizzes in VU Collaborate, the grades should be automatically transferred to the grade book. If this is not the case then view step 5 of this guide to ensure your Quiz settings are correct. 

How do I release grades to students? 

Go to the Enter Grades tab within the GradeBook. Select the arrow next to the Final Calculated Grade or Final Adjusted Grade column and select Grade. You can release the final grade for students by clicking on the Release/Unrelease icon for one or multiple students. Click here for more information on releasing final grades to students. 

How do I publish Assessment Dropbox grades for all students at once? 

Navigate to your Assessment Dropbox folder, tick the checkbox in the top row to select all students, and select Publish Feedback. Note that depending on the view in the Assessment Dropbox folder, you may view only 20 students at a time. Change the view to 200 students to limit the number of times you need to perform this action. 

I have published the grades but my students cannot see them, what do I do? 

There is a chance the grade item may be hidden from students’ view. Please check the visibility settings of your grade item.  


For more information on compiling final grades for students in VU Collaborate, please visit Learning Environments Help site. If you encounter any issues, please contact the ITS Service Desk by phone on (03) 9919 2777, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or self-service.

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