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Changes to VU Collaborate Space Creation

There are some exciting changes to be introduced to VU Collaborate in January 2018. These changes are designed to reduce the administrative tasks in setting up Spaces in VU Collaborate and to ensure students get access to their Unit Spaces in a timely manner. Over the next few weeks the Learning Environments team will be communicating a range of other changes to expect in VU Collaborate and any actions that you may be required to perform.

Preparing for Space Creation Automation

Space Creation Automation will involve the automatic creation of Spaces in VU Collaborate based on student enrolment data in the Student Management System and then the copying of Space content and staff enrolments from a new type of Space called a Unit Master Space.


The Unit Master Space is where you will need to build all of your content so that it can be automatically copied into the delivery Space at the beginning of the semester. The copying process will occur 2 weeks before the beginning of the semester (1 week before students have access) so it is critical that your content is ready as the copying process will only occur once.

In order to commence building or copying content into the Unit Master Spaces you will need to be enrolled as a Convenor in the Spaces. To get enrolled in your Unit Master Spaces please do one of the following:

The Learning Environments team will also provide support in copying your existing content from a previous delivery Space or a Sandpit into the new Unit Master Space ensuring it is ready for the automation process.

Important Note: For every Unit there are 2 Unit Master Spaces created, one for ‘Normal’ (blended) delivery and one for ‘Fully online’ delivery. Unless your Unit is listed in CAMs as fully online, you should build your content in the ‘Normal’ Space. If your content is built in the wrong Master Space it will not be copied

You can access your Master Spaces from the “My Master Spaces” widget on the Home page of VU Collaborate.

my master spaces


Although all single Unit delivery Spaces will be created automatically and populated with content from the specific Unit Master Space, some other Spaces will require manual creation by the ITS eLearning team. Shortly we will advise you about these exceptions and the required process for requesting them. We will also be providing detailed guides on the VU Collaborate Help site (


VU Collaborate Spaces


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