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Block Model

Block Model at Victoria University.

Block Model

At Victoria University (VU) we have we have revolutionised tertiary education in Australia with our multi award-winning VU Block Model.

Unlike the standard university model where you juggle multiple subjects at once over a semester, at VU, you get to focus on one unit (subject) at a time. You complete each unit over a four-week ‘block’. You typically finish your block on a Friday and receive your results on the following Monday, taking away uncertainty and a long wait for results.

We’re the first university in Australia to introduce the Block Model, building on the proven successes of block programs at universities in Sweden, Canada and the US.

Since we introduced the award-winning VU Block Model to our undergraduate students in 2018, our students are performing better than ever before. In 2019, first-year pass rates were at 87% (up 13% on standard model) while for second year students, pass rates were at 90%. Beyond academic results, the immersive Block class environment develops your confidence and independence as a learner and problem-solver, preparing you for success in your future career.



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