Classroom Teaching Strategies

Classroom Teaching Strategies

Teaching strategies refer to methods used to help students learn the desired course content and be able to develop achievable goals.


Here are some of classroon teaching strategies:


Philosophical Chairs

Philosophical Chairs is a technique you can use to encourage debate with students. This video will help you understand this workshop technique.


Read more: Scholastic guide to Philosophical Chairs


Cornell Notes/ Two column notes

The Cornell method (also Cornell note-taking system or Cornell way) provides a systematic format for condensing and organising notes. This system of taking notes is designed for a high school or university level student.


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Jigsaw Method

The Jigsaw Method is an efficient way for students to take in a journal article or larger piece of text that you would like to discuss but haven't got time to have students read and evaluate the whole text. This video demonstrates two ways of following this method.


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Active learning and group work strategies

Learn more about active learning & group work strategies.

  • Questioning
  • Numbering off
  • Think pair share
  • Group work with presentation
  • Jigsaw puzzles or matching games
  • Placemat

This document explains each of the above strategies in detail - view here.