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Reactions from Students

Reactions from Students

Pass rates in VU's revolutionary First Year Model are up by almost eight percentage points, grades have improved, and student-retention numbers have increased.

“What’s amazing about the results is that we’ve seen how the Block Model can lift grades even higher for gifted students, while at the same time providing a framework that benefits students from low socio-economic and non-English speaking backgrounds,” said Victoria University’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Peter Dawkins.


What are the results so far?

Block Model sucess indicators

  • Pass rates have improved from an average of 72% in 2017 to 90% in Block 1 of 2018 and 85% in Block 2, even when assessments stayed the same.
  • Commencing student load has increased by 6%.
  • Student retention is currently at 89%.

Results for International Students

  • Pass rates for VU’s international students improved from an average of 86% before the introduction of the block model to over 90%.
  • 60% of VU’s international students received a High Distinction or Distinction compared to 40% in 2017, with the same assessment standards.

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Why students love First Year Model?

Our revolutionary First Year Model is designed with students' needs in mind.

More success

Students have a better chance at succeeding in first year. Since its introduction, the First Year Model has seen first years’ pass rate increase to over 80%.
Not only are students more likely to pass, they are more likely to get better grades. Over 40% of students received distinctions and high distinctions, without a change to the assessments given.

Less stress

Students find their feet at uni and really get to know their stuff. They immerse themselves in one unit before moving on to the next. It's a more focused approach to learning and assessment.

More one-on-one time

Students learn best with more access to their teachers. They are benefiting from greater connections with fellow students and one-on-one support from lecturers who'll know their name.

Flexibility around life

Students choose to attend morning, afternoon or evening classes three days a week, so they can plan their semester around work and other commitments. They can even take time off to travel and still finish the first year on schedule by making up missed units over winter or summer blocks.

For international students, the First Year Model offers more time to become familiar with a new country, culture and university, as well as greater opportunities to connect with teachers and to make new friends.

Confidence through collaboration

Our First Year Model focuses on interactive learning and group work. Students feel confident to share ideas, debate concepts and explore learning opportunities.

Valuable lifelong learning

Problem-based, hands-on learning gives students the opportunity to develop valuable communication and collaboration skills to succeed at VU and in the workplace.

Short video: Why our students love First Year Model

Student success story:

"While there is a vast amount of places to study law, I found that Victoria University was the perfect one for me because of the First Year Model that it offers to new university students. The program is unique and gives me the best chance of learning to my full potential by smoothly transitioning into uni life."

Joseph Hafoka - Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Business

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