Reading an Originality Report in Turnitin Feedback Studio

The information in this guide is intended for Convenors, Instructors and Tutors.

Turnitin Feedback Studio enables you to scan student submissions against an extensive database of journals, student papers and online sources to identify potential cases of plagiarism. You can view the Originality Reports within VU Collaborate, which highlight matched areas, showing percentage breakdowns and direct links to identified sources.

Below are steps to read an originality report in Turnitin Feedback Studio:

Step One: Access Originality Report

1. Navigate to Assessments > Dropbox and select the relevant dropbox within the Space.

1. Assessment menu

Note: Next to each submission will be the Turnitin Overall Similarity Index score for that submission. This score represents a percentage measure indicating the similarity of the text submitted compared to information contained in the Turnitin database and other web sites.

This includes: 
 - Internet sites and archived internet documents and data
 - A repository of papers previously submitted to Turnitin
 - A subscription repository of periodicals, journals, and publications

2. Click on the coloured box next to the student name to open the Turnitin Originality report.

2. file list

Tip: For more information, view the Accessing an Originality Report with Turnitin Feedback Studio How-To guide.

Step Two: Viewing Matches

The percentage indicates the similarity of the assessment to other work found in Turnitin Feedback Studio. While the Match Overview lists all areas of the paper which have similarity to information in the Turnitin Feedback Studio repository.  

Note: Turnitin Feedback Studio does not detect plagiarism. Turnitin is a content matching tool only and does not evaluate the inclusion or accuracy of citations and references.

Originality report with side panel

Only the top or best matches are shown, all underlying matches are visible in the Match Breakdown and All Sources modes.

Originality report full view


2.1 Check Matches

Check Matches in order to view similarity of assessment.

1. Click on the arrow that appears as you roll over the source name.

Match overview panel


2.2 View Detailed Match Information

1. Click on a detailed match in the right-hand column. The content that has been detected will be shown in the left pane over the text. 

2. If the source is viewable on the internet, click on the Full Source View tab (in red square below) to see the information on the internet.

The Originality Report may also indicate if the content has been submitted by other students at VU or other institutions (e.g. the matched source will be named Submitted to Victoria University). 

Match overview with source 2


Step Three: Applying Filters

Apply filters to reduce the number of matches in the Originality Report. Select the filter icon located in the slim panel in the middle of the two main panes.

Side panel with filter


3.1 Exclude Quotes or Bibliography

1. Select Exclude Quotes checkbox to ignore any quoted content within the document.

2. Select Exclude Bibliography to ignore the bibliography in the check.

3. You can also exclude small matches to make the Originality percentage more accurate. Use either words or percentage by adding a numerical value in the associated field.

Filters and settings

4. Click Apply Changes to apply the filters to the originality report.

The report will adjust the similarity percentage and details in the Match Overview pane.

filters apply changes

Step Four: Downloading & Viewing Additional Submission Information

1. Click on the download icon.

3. download

The options for downloading include the following:
1. Current View. You can select to download a PDF version of the current view on the screen,
2. Digital Receipt. A summary of the matched sources at the end of the document.
3. Originally Submitted File. The file as it was originally uploaded (without Originality or QuickMark annotations and highlights).   

5. download options

1. Click on the information icon to display additional information about the submission located at the bottom of the centre panel. Additional information includes word count, submission date and file size.

4. information

(Optional) Enter in your email address and click Email Me for a link that can be opened in the Turnitin IOS App.

6. info screen

Further Support

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