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Using Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging is a communication tool within VU Collaborate. You can use this tool to send instant messages to individual VU Collaborate users. An instant message is less formal than an email. Use Instant Messaging to see if students are online and to communicate with them quickly in real-time.

Here are the steps of using Instant Messaging:

Step One: Accessing the Instant Messaging tool

1. Login to VU Collaborate and navigate to the desired space.

2. Select the envelope icon in the top bar and Go To Instant Messaging



Step Two: Adding Instant Messaging Friends

1. To add friends, navigate to the Friends tab.

2. Click the Add Friends drop-down menu and select Add by Username.


3. Enter a Username (e number for staff and s number for students) and click Add

AddFriend IM2


Step Three: Searching for Users and Adding Friends

1. To search for users in the Friends tab, click Add Friends. 

2. From the dropdown, select Search Users


3. Search for the user with their name. 

4. Tick the box beside the user you want to add and click Add as Friend.


Note: You can add multiple users at one time by selecting multiple checkboxes.


Step Four: Adding Friends by Classlist

Tip: It is easy to find people by using the Classlist tab as you can search users who are enrolled in the same spaces as you, rather than the entire VU Collaborate. 

1. Click on the field under View to open a dropdown menu where you can select any of the spaces you are enrolled in.

2. Select a View to display a list of all the users enrolled in that space.

3. Select the box next to the user you want to add and click Add.

classlist 2

Note: You can add multiple users at one time by selecting multiple checkboxes.


Step Five: Removing friends

1. To remove a friend, navigate to the Friends tab and tick the box beside the user you want to remove.

2. Click Remove.

remove friends

Note: You can remove multiple contacts at one time by selecting multiple checkboxes.


Step Six: Sending and Receiving Messages

1. To send a message, navigate to the Friends tab.

2. Tick the box next to a contact in your Friends list and click Message.

click message

3. Type a message and click Send.

message friends

4. Your sent message will appear.

message received

Note: When you receive a message, a red notification icon will appear over the message icon in the minibar. You can also see how many unread messages you have in the Instant Messaging tool.


Step Seven: Accessing Instant Messaging Logs

 You can view a log of all the messages that have been sent between you and a Friend within the messaging window.

1. To view a history of messages, click View All to view the message history with that user.

view all


Step Eight: Changing Instant Messaging Settings

 1. Click on Settings in the top right corner of the Instant Messaging page.


2. You can change the Friends List Filter to display All of your Friends, Friends who are Online or Friends who are Offline. You can also change the way your Inbox, Friends and Classlist is listed; by sent date, first name or last name.

3. Click Save to save changes and return to the main page.

FilterFriends IM


Further Support

Visit the VU Collaborate Help site at for up to date information and resources on blended learning or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Contact ITS Service Desk on (03) 9919 2777 or via self-service for further technical support.

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