Virtual Classrooms

Enable remote learning and encourage student participation in a fully online environment.

Creating a Webex Virtual Classroom

Webex Virtual Classrooms allow students who might not be able to physically be present in class to attend sessions online and you can record it for viewing at a later date. Creating a Webex virtual classroom in VU Collaborate is a simple process that only takes a few minutes. Your sandpit is a great place to try setting up and recording a Webex Virtual Classroom before you attempt one in class.

For a guide on how to install the standalone Webex software on your computer, see the ITS guide Installing Webex on my Windows PC or MAC.

To see a short video on How to Set Up a Webex Virtual Classroom, watch the video below:


After you have created/scheduled your Webex Virtual Classroom session, read more on Facilitating a WebEx Virtual Classroom and  Setting up and Facilitating Breakout Sessions in WebEx

Below are the steps to creating a Webex Virtual Classroom:


Step One: Access WebEx in VU Collaborate

 Navigate to the VU Collaborate space where you need to set up a virtual classroom for your course.

1. Click Communication in the navbar.

2. Select WebEx Virtual Classroom from the drop-down menu.

1. webex virtual classroom link in communication tab

If this is your first time using WebEx, your user account will automatically link to WebEx Virtual Classroom. After the three green ticks appear, click Back to Calendar to start creating your session.

the web ex event and meeting center startup screen as it appears to first time users. green tick symbols appear on the left hand side, and back to calendar is a button highlighted at the bottom of the window


Step Two: Set Time Zone

 1. From the main Webex overview screen click on Account Settings.

1. account settings


2. You can add (and remove) extra time zones if you want to display these in your virtual classrooms. To add another time zone and/or rest the current time zone, click time zones on the left-hand menu.

2. time zone button

3. Click the ropdown arrow next to the primary time zone in and select the correct zone. In this case +11:00 Australia/Melbourne.

4. Click Overview to see the changes.

3. primary time zone


Step Three: Schedule the Virtual Classroom

1. To leave account settings, click on Event Calendar.

2. Click Schedule to create a new virtual classroom.

4. schedule button

5. schedule options

Image Description:

  1. Enter a Name for your new virtual classroom. Note: After the event is created, this name cannot be changed. 
  2. Enter a Description of the event (optional).
  3. By default, the virtual classroom is set to a Single Event. You can change this to schedule the virtual classroom to run Daily or Weekly.
  4. The timezone can also be set for each virtual classroom session. You may need to change the default time zone.
  5. Click the Date field to choose the date of the scheduled class.
  6. Set the Time you would like the session to commence.
  7. Adjust the Duration to suit the amount of time needed for the virtual class.
  8. Select who is Hosting the session.
  9. Set the Account type to WebEx Training Centre


3. When you are satisfied all the settings are correct, click Save and the virtual classroom will appear in the event calendar.

To begin hosting the event, click Host. 

If the event is scheduled for an hour or more than the current time, your option will be to Prepare instead of Host.  You can prepare by adding materials into classes ahead of the scheduled time.

 Click on the following link to see a video showing how to Video of setting up a Webex meeting from Outlook. This is not one of our lovely professionally done videos, just a quick demonstration. 

Step Four: Delete a Virtual Classroom

Once you have clicked Schedule, the virtual classroom has been scheduled and this cannot be changed. If the settings are incorrect, you are able to start again by deleting the classroom. 

1. On the main WebEx landing page click the small dropdown button (1.) next to the event name.

2. The details for the event will be listed, at the bottom click the eraser (2.) icon (delete) button to remove a session.

3. Confirm the deletion on the pop up page.

6. delete a classroom


Step Five: Viewing Classroom Recordings and Past Sessions

 You can access a recording of your virtual classroom, provided you selected the option to record at the start of, or during the session.

1. At the top of the Calendar screen, select the Event Recordings tab. You will see a list of prior virtual classroom sessions where a video has been recorded.

2. In line with the session you want to view, click the View Recordings button.

8. veiw recordings

From this screen, you can stream (1.) or download an mp4 (2.) of your virtual session.

9. recording types

WebEx does not support streaming playback on mobile devices such as tablets and phones. 


Further Support

Visit the VU Collaborate Help site at for up to date information and resources on blended learning or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Contact ITS Service Desk on (03) 9919 2777 or via self-service for further technical support.