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Devices you can Share Screen within Zoom

This guide shows some of the devices you can share a screen with when you are having a Zoom class or meeting. This guide is by no means an exhaustive list of the types of devices you can share through Zoom, just a few examples. Feel free to test out other devices you have; they may work very well.


Here is the list of examples within this guide:


Share Screen General Options

The title share screen is not just about sharing your current screen. Zoom provides multiple options of devices and applications to share and your desktop screen ( monitor ).

1. Start by clicking Share Screen on the Zoom navbar when in a Zoom session.

Select Share Screen on the Zoom navbar

2. Select what you are going to share by clicking on the tile and then clicking the Share button on the bottom right-hand corner of the window. What you are sharing is written at the tile's base, and anything open on your computer will appear here, ready to be shared.  

Selecting the unique tile called Screen will share everything on your device instead of a particular program. We don't recommend using this option if you have private information open.

Select the screen you wish to share then select Share

When you are sharing, the chosen item will have a green border enclosing it. If it is small on your screen, extend it to be larger. Participants will only be able to see what is inside the green border.

Sharing Screen Green Border

3. You have two options when you have finished sharing that screen. 

You can either select Stop Share or choose to share a different screen by selecting New Share.

Stop Share or select New Share


Sharing a Wacom tablet

Wacom tablets can be great if you want to share writing, drawing and graphics.

They are not your average tablet, and you can find out more about them in this article.

1. When you share a Wacom tablet, you do not choose the item itself. Instead, select the general screen share or Desktop/Screen tile.

wacom select screen share

2. Once shared, you can use it for writing, such as in the example below. However, if you are using it for pictures or graphics, that is precisely what will be shared on the screen for participants instead.

Wacom example of share


Sharing an iPad and App

Sharing an iPad ( or another tablet ) can be helpful because it simply shows whatever is on your iPad screen. This means you can share any of the apps from your iPad with the participants in the Zoom session.

1. iPads can be shared with a cable or via AirPlay. The share iPhone/iPad via Cable has been selected in this picture.

select iPad share in Zoom 2

2. Once you have selected the Share button, the screen of your iPad will reflect onto your Zoom session.

iPad pic in Zoom

3. You can then share any of your apps needed for your lesson or session.

The picture below is an example of the app Show Me, which helps share diagrams, writing, drawing and can be used similarly to a whiteboard.

Show Me pic in Zoom


Using a Phone as a Webcam with DroidCam

A few apps are available that provide the ability to turn a phone into a webcam. DroidCam sends the video captured by your phone to its corresponding app downloaded onto your computer using either WiFi or a USB connection.

This app is free to use and provides more options if purchased for $5 ( far less than a standard webcam ).

AirDroid is also known to work well with Android tablets and PCs.


Step One: Connecting to the App

Find the DroidCam phone IP ( found in the app's settings ) and type it into the DroidCam desktop app.


Devices you can Share Screen with in Zoom Image One

Desktop App

Devices you can Share Screen with in Zoom Image Two


Devices you can Share Screen with in Zoom Image Three


Step Two: Setting up Zoom

Select DroidCam as the camera under the Video settings in Zoom.

Devices you can Share Screen with in Zoom Image Four 

AirDroid is an app that functions much the same. More information for these apps can be found below:


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