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Pre-Assigning Breakout Room in Zoom (Authenticated Users)

When pre-assigning breakout rooms in Zoom there are a few steps you will need to take in order for this to work effectively.

Below are some step-by-step instructions for setting up pre-assigned breakout rooms from the grade book list in VU Collaborate.

If you pre-assign breakout rooms, your students will be required to log into Zoom via the single sign-on process through VU Collaborate.   

Please also refer to, Using breakout rooms in Zoom


Downloading Gradebook student list as CSV file

The first step you will need to download the grade book student list.  

1. Go to Assessments and then Grades.


2.Select Enter Grades.

3.Select Export.

Select entergrades Export

4. Make sure the following boxes are ticked.

Select Groupemebers

5. Then selected Export CSV.

Select ExportCSV

6. The following dialogue box will appear.  Once complete select Download.

Complete Dowload Select Download

7. Your computer should then automatically download the document, save this to your desktop.

8. You will need to visit and download the CSV template now and the information from the Grade book list will need to be entered into the CSV file template

9. Download the CSV template by selecting import from CSV.

Uploading CSV

10. Then select download as below.

Download CSV template

11. Add the information from the Grade book download to the CSV template, save and uploaded as per the below instructions.

CSV Template

Uploading CSV file to Scheduled Zoom meeting

In the case of uploading pre-assigned breakout rooms, you will first need to schedule a meeting from

1. Go to schedule a meeting.

2. Once you have scheduled the meeting, select Edit meeting.

3. Go to the following section below and tick the boxes as shown.  

4. Then select Import from CSV.

Uploading CSV

5. Drop the CSV file in the space pictured below.

Drop CSVFile

8. It will then upload to the scheduled meeting and select Save.

Making sure that authenticated user setting is activated 

1. You will need to make sure that in your profile on the following setting is activated.

2. Scroll down under settings and make sure that the slide appears as below.

If you pre-assign breakout rooms, your students will be required to log into Zoom via the single sign-on process through VU Collaborate.   

Authenticated User Setting

Please note if you intend on running meeting in the future with individual external to VU, this setting will need to be deactivated.

Importing Meeting to VU Collaborate Space from Zoom Web Profile

 In order for your students to attend your Zoom classroom, you will need to make sure that the meeting from imported to your VU Collaborate Unit space.

1. Go to the Meeting ID (Ctrl C)

Copy Meeting ID

 2. Navigate to your Zoom Classroom section in your unit space.  

Access Zoom Unit Space

3.On the far right of the screen, you will see a button with three dots, select it.

4. Select Import meeting

Import meeting

5. Paste (Ctrl V) the meeting ID that you have copied from as per the below image.

6. Select Import.

Import Meeting ID

6. The meeting should then appear as below with your pre-assigned breakout rooms.  

Zoom Meeting

 7. You are now ready to start your scheduled Zoom Classroom and your pre-assigned breakout room will be set.  

8. When facilitating your classroom simple select breakout rooms on the toolbar within your zoom meeting, the pre-assigned breakout rooms will appear and all you need to do is select open breakout rooms.  

Further Support

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Contact ITS Service Desk on (03) 9919 2777 or via self-service for further technical support.

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