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Calendar & Dates

Use the Calendar and Manage Dates tools to visualise and set due dates for your course events and content. 

Setting Due Dates with Calendar

The Calendar is a tool which allows you to create, view and organise events for a course. This guide demonstrates how you can set, edit and manage due dates with a Calendar.

Following are the steps to Setting Due Dates with Calendar:

Step One: Access Set Due Dates

1. Go to Space Admin and click Calendar.



Step Two: Select your item/content

1. Click Set Due Dates.

set due dates 

2. A new window will pop up, which lists all the items/content in your course.

3. Select the radio button next to the item in order to associate it with the chosen due date.

4. Click Add to complete the process and close the window.

Set due date 2

If you would like to set a due date on lower levels of categories (indicated with > on the right), keep clicking onto the > this will take you to the next level. The number of levels you have gone down is indicated at the top of the window.

Step Three: Set up due dates

By clicking, you will be taken to another area where you can edit the task.

1. Give a Title and Description.

2. Click No Due Date to set a due date of the task.

no due date

3. Set the due date by entering date and time.

4. Select  No Start Date to set the date the task will be available in your VU Collaborate space, providing date and time.

5. Click on No End Date to set the last day the task will be available in VU Collaborate space, providing date and time.

6. Once everything has been set click Save.

set dates

3.1 Edit due date

1. Once the item is saved, it is still possible to edit the due date. 

2. Go into the Calendar area and click on the Event.

3. This will give you a pop-up window. Click Edit to go to edit the content.


3.2 Delete due date

Deleting due dates follows a similar process to editing:

1. Click on the event in the calendar.

2. Click Delete.

3. Click Yes, when prompted to confirm. 

3.3 Bulk Delete Calendar Entries 

The Calendar tool now offers a Delete interface. Previously, it was impossible to bulk delete calendar items. This change enables users to multi-select and delete calendar items using the More Actions menu. 

1. Select List to view all upcoming events.

Select List View

2. Select the events you wish to delete by clicking in the checkbox/es on the left. You can then select More Actions and then Delete.

Select the events you wish to delete, then select more actions

3. Confirm and delete the scheduled events. 

Confirm and delete events

Further Support

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Contact ITS Service Desk on (03) 9919 2777 or via self-service for further technical support.


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