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Calendar & Dates

Use the Calendar and Manage Dates tools to visualise and set due dates for your course events and content. 

Managing Dates

The Manage Dates tool allows you to view and change the availability dates for a variety of different tools including Content, Discussions, Assessment Dropbox, Grades, News and Quizzes from one central location.

All tools are displayed in a sortable grid that allows you to use advanced filter options, giving you complete and flexible control over when students can access them.

The steps to manage dates include:

Step One: Access Space Admin

1. Navigate to the desired VU Collaborate Learning Space.

2. Click on Space Admin from the navigation bar.

Space Admin Toolbar

3. Click Manage Dates under the Site Resources section.

Space Administration Page


Step Two: Select Tool Filter

When you click Manage Dates you will see the Specific Tools Filter options which will enable you to narrow your results based on the desired tool.

Manage Dates Filter Options

Note: Advanced filter options enable you to further narrow your results by a unit object's name, dates, duration, and Calendar status.

1. Click Show Advanced Filter Options to access these additional filter options.

Manage Dates Advanced Filter Options

2. Use the Name filter to specify how the system should compare your keyword with existing objects in your Space.

Advanced Filter Options

3. Enter a Start Date to find objects that were accessible to students before, after or between certain times.

Start Date

4. Enter an End Date to find objects that were not accessible to students before, after or between certain times.

End Date

5. Click on Apply Filter to commence the search for objects that meets your search criteria.

Apply Filter


Step Three: Bulk Edit Dates

You can edit availability dates for individual or multiple tools by selecting the check boxes beside the objects you wish to edit dates for.

1. Click Edit Dates from the top of the grid.

Bulk edit dates

2. Modify the start and end dates.

3. If you wish to add this event to the calendar, click the Add to Calendar check box.

Bulk Edit Add to Calendar

4. Click Save.

Click Save Manage Dates


Step Four: Remove Dates

1. If you wish to remove dates associated with a tool, click on the X icon next to either the start or end date.

Remove Dates


Step Five: Offsetting Dates

The Manage Dates tool enables you to move start and end dates forward or backwards by a specified number of days. You can use this to move unit content forward to a new term.

1. Select the check boxes beside the tools you want to offset dates for and click Offset Dates from the top of the grid.

Offset Dates

2. Specify which dates you want to offset.

Offset Dates

3. Use the Days drop-down list to specify whether you want to offset the dates forward or backwards and enter the number of days you want to offset those dates by.

Days - Offset Dates

4. Click Save.

Click Save  - Offset Dates

Further Support

Visit the VU Collaborate Help site at for up to date information and resources on blended learning or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Contact ITS Service Desk on (03) 9919 2777 or via self-service for further technical support.


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