Enrolling People

Manage User Enrolment in a VU Collaborate Space.

Roles and permissions in VU Collaborate

As a VU staff member you have access to VU Collaborate. You may have access to ‘spaces’ for a unit or course, particularly if you are involved in teaching delivery or supporting learning and teaching. This guide outlines the roles available in VU Collaborate and the types of staff these roles best apply to.  For instructions on how to enrol teaching and support staff (e.g. Tutors, Academic Support), refer to the Enrolling Users guide.


Glossary of terms used in this document

Space:  An online collaborative area in which you can build and deliver your unit or course (known as a shell in WebCT).

Enrol:  Refers to enrolling users into the VU Collaborate space, not into the unit or course itself.

Classlist:  A VU Collaborate tool that allows you to view who is enrolled in the space, and depending on your permissions, add participants to the space.

View-Only:  Refers to the permission to be able to view space content but not to modify it.


Instructors have full control of a space, they are able to create and modify course content, and perform grading and assessment. They can enrol the Space Reviewer into their space, but cannot enrol/un-enrol students or other teaching staff. The Instructor will appear in the Classlist for students to contact.

Who might use this role: Instructors/lecturers.

Example: You are a teacher, (sessional or contract) delivering a unit as part of a teaching team or independently and are responsible for designing course content and running learning activities.


Space Convenor

The Space Convenor is responsible for managing and supporting the space at an administrative and oversight level. This includes enrolling and un-enrolling Instructors, Tutors and other roles in the space. They have full rights in the space as per the Instructor role so they can manage content and activities, but they do not appear in the Classlist.

Who might use this role: Education managers, unit coordinators, other non-teaching administrators.

Example: You are a Unit Coordinator or Education Manager, coordinating one or more units, or perhaps a teaching team and need to support the space at an administrative level.


Teaching Convenor

The Teaching Convenor is a combination of the Space Convenor and Instructor roles. If the same person is responsible for teaching and coordinating the delivery (and so needs to have both the Instructor role and the Space Convenor role) they can be enrolled in VU Collaborate as Teaching Convenor. They have full rights in the space they convene, are responsible for the enrolment/un-enrolment of teaching staff in VU Collaborate, and appear in the Classlist to students. They cannot enrol students.

Who might use this role: Teaching staff who are responsible for both teaching and co-ordinating a space; e.g. Education managers, unit coordinators who are also lecturers/key instructors for a particular unit or group of units.

Example: You are a Unit Coordinator or Education Manager, coordinating one or more units or a teaching team and need to both deliver to students online as well as perform administration and staff management duties for the space.



Tutors are able to interact with students via email and discussions, manage student groups and grade students. Tutors can view content but are not able create and modify content or assessment tasks. The role is visible in the Classlist.

Who might use this role: Tutors, teaching assistants, offshore teaching staff.

Example: Example: As a Tutor you work with an instructor who coordinates multiple tutors within one large unit. The Instructor designs the space by creating content and assessment material but you are responsible for communicating with students and assessing their work.


Space Reviewer

The Space reviewer role is designed to enable information exchange between teaching staff members. Space Reviewers have view-only access to content but cannot view student grades. They are added by the Space Convenor or Instructor do not appear in the Classlist.

Who might use this role: Teaching staff, staff responsible for reviewing and auditing.

Example: As an Instructor you would like a colleague to give you some feedback on the space you have designed. You enrol your colleague as a Space Reviewer, so that they can view your work.


Guest Instructor

Guest Instructors are able to interact with students and view content. They are not able to add or modify content, and cannot view or edit grades. Guest Instructors are visible in the Classlist and will require a staff number to be enrolled.

Who might use this role: Guest speakers, industry partners.

Example: A key speaker is invited to address and engage with your students.


Non-Teaching Roles

Learning Support

Learning Support role is enrolled into a space through negotiation with the Space Convenor/Teaching Convenor and Instructor. They provide support to teaching staff in the development of content for the space,  support of students (particularly those in need), and are visible in the Classlist.

College Librarian

The College Librarian is enrolled by ITS eLearning in all spaces within a College and is designed to assist teaching staff with the development and distribution of content. The College Librarian can add content and interact with students but is unable to view student grades or assessments. The role is visible in the Classlist.

College Coordinator

The College Coordinator is automatically enrolled in all spaces within a College with the ability to view and modify content. This role is visible in the Classlist.
The College Coordinator is able to assist with reporting on learning and teaching activities across a College.

Role Matrix

VUC roles


* College Librarian is enrolled at the college level by ITS eLearning. They are not able to build/modify quizzes, assignments or assessments but can build/modify surveys.

** Instructor is only able to add Space Reviewer role.


Further Support

Visit the VU Collaborate Help site at https://vucollaboratehelp.vu.edu.au for up to date information and resources on blended learning or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Contact ITS Service Desk on (03) 9919 2777 or via self-service http://servicedesk.vu.edu.au for further technical support.