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Templates & Copying Content

Share templates and copy content across Spaces.

Importing Components from Spaces

This option allows you to import ZIP packages previously exported from or compatible with a VU Collaborate Space using the export components function.

Block Instructors will not be able to import or copy unit components in Master or Delivery spaces. Block Convenors are the only ones who can copy components in a Delivery Space. If a unit has not been “blocked”, both the Convenor and Instructor roles can still copy. Refer to User Roles Explained a guide to know more about Roles and Permissions in VU Collaborate.

The steps include:


Option One: Import All Components

Before you can import components, there needs to have been an export of those components into a ZIP file. To export, components refer to Exporting Components from Spaces guide.

1. Log into the space you wish to import content into.

2. From Space Admin on the space navbar, click on Import / Export / Copy Components.

screen 1 navigate from Space Admin to Import and Export

3. Choose Import Components and click Start.

screen 2 select Import components and start 

4. Upload the file you want to import ( the ZIP file )  by dragging and dropping it in the uploading box or by clicking on the Upload button. You can upload files up to a maximum of 2 GB.

 screen 3 drag and drop course package

5. After your file is attached, the import option buttons will be active. Select Import All Components.

screen 4 after zip file uploaded

6. Wait while the import package moves through the preprocessing sequence. Once the import process has been completed ( indicated by green checkmarks ), click View Content to view your imported content.

screen 5 Import successfully


Option Two: Import Selected Individual Components

In this option, you can select individual components to import from your ZIP file instead of importing all.

1. Repeat steps 1-3 from Import All Components to navigate to your course import options.

2. Upload the ZIP file you want to import by dragging and dropping it in the uploading box or clicking on the upload button. You can upload files up to a maximum of 2 GB.

screen 3 drag and drop course package

3. After your file is attached, the import option buttons will be active. Select Advanced Options...

screen 6 after zip file uploaded and choose advance option

Wait until the file is downloaded and read by the system, click Continue when both options are checked.

screen 7 Advanced Options are chosen

4. To import individual components, check the respective component title and click on Select individual items to import.

In this example, Checklists and course Content are selected to import. Select Continue.

screen 8 importing selected components

5. If you choose to import selected individual items, the system will lead you through a series of screens ( one for each component selected ).

On each screen, you can make the desired selections, click Continue to apply changes.

screen 9 select checklist to import

You can also select a sub-content from each module by clicking on the plus button to expand the options.

screen 9 select content modules to import

6. After confirming all components you want to import, it will navigate you into a Confirm Import Selections window. The Components to Import demonstrate the number of items to import.

screen 10 Comfirm import sections

Scroll down to the Import Options, which provides additional import file options, such as:

  1. Import file to: this option allows you to select a course folder/destination to import all your new files in or create a new folder from root access. 
  2. When an existing file is encountered: this option tells the VU Collaborate system what to do when it encounters a duplicate file during the import. Select Overwrite the existing file to have the imported files overwrite any existing files. If the imported materials are not newer, or if no other materials currently exist in the space, leave Do not overwrite the existing file selected.

Click Continue to complete the import process.

screen 11 Comfirm import additional options

7. Once the import has been processed, click View Content to view imported contents or click Import Another Package if you want to import more files.  

Import Course Package 

8. If you select Import Another Package, click Upload to select the new files you want to import and repeat the process. 


View the Course Import History 

With the new system updates, we can now view each course import attempt, which provides you with information on each import attempt status and who took the actions.

1. From Space Admin, select Import / Export / Copy Components.

2. Scroll down to the Import Components option, select View Import History.

Screen 12 navigate to view import history

3. The Course Import History window provides details of how many course files have been imported into your unit space, date and time and staff employment numbers.

To view each attempt detail, click on the View Import Log located on the right-hand side of each tile.

Screen 13 Course import history window

4. The Import Logs display the results in the order of import/export operations as the image below.

Import log example


Further Support

Visit the VU Collaborate Help site at for up to date information and resources on blended learning or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Contact ITS Service Desk on (03) 9919 2777 or via self-service for further technical support.


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