Echo360 Active Learning Platform (ALP)

Record classroom activities in lecture theaters equipped with Echo360 to be accessed by students on-demand.

Echo360 Active Learning Platform

Echo360 Active Learning Platform (ALP)
has a capture system for lectures and other learning events. Echo360 ALP provides methods to enhance interactivity between the instructor and students as well as between students.  Instructors can also track this activity through the new learning analytics that are available.

Lecture Capture enables the actual lecture (presentation and lecturer audio) plus the associated activities to be recorded for students to watch through VU Collaborate. Lecture capture is available in lecture theatres across all VU campuses. Echo360 ALP can enhance the interactivity and engagement before, during and after the lecture, and the recording is available afterwards so that your discussion and prompts to respond are always available to your students.  Note that you can pause the recording for periods of time such as when you are taking a break or if there is a private discussion occurring for a moment.

If your lecture is timetabled as a "lecture" on Syllabus+ it will automatically be recorded and show up through VU Collaborate.  If you have a different type of class that you would like to record such as a workshop or seminar, use the booking form on the front page of your unit in VU Collaborate to book the recording.  If you cannot have your lecture recorded for a a valid reason, use the "opt-out" form on the intranet.

You can access the relevant instructional guides below for each topic of Echo360 ALP you may need to use with VU Collaborate.  You can also access written and video guides, as well as live help, from the Echo360 ALP website.

Tip: To print or save any one of these guides - you will need to use Google Chrome - click on the print icon located to the right of a guide's title. You will then need to click on another print icon. If you wish to save this file, instead of printing to a printer change it to “Save As PDF”.  You can then save it on your computer or USB as a PDF.print button located on the top right of the guide title