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Using Victoria University App

The Victoria University App is designed for all current Victoria University and VU Polytechnic students. It provides a handy portal to all of your essential digital systems – so you can keep track of your classes, assignments, results and more. Using the Victoria University App, you can connect to VU Collaborate and view your current and past unit content, assessments, and grades. You can browse an array of specialised VU services and facilities including VU Library, ITS, Student Life and Support. You can access MyVU to see your VU student details including invoices, enrolment, results and examination information. You can also access your digital ID student card which can be used in the VU Library. In addition to all those, you can also explore VU campuses and buildings with the interactive map. 

Here are the steps to use Victoria University App:


Step 1: Downloading the Victoria University App

1. Victoria University App is available on both Android and IOS platforms. Click on the respective image to download the Victoria University App for your device.


android         ios app

Requires Android 5.0 or later ~ Requires iOS 10.0 or later.


Step 2: Launching and logging in to the app 

1. Locate the app on your device and launch it. You'll land into the home screen of the app. 


2. Click Log In To Access More Features.


login to access more features

You will need your VU student ID & password to log in to the Victoria University app. If you do not have your student ID & password, you can still continue as a guest and access the maps feature to find your way around campus and browse the VU services feature.

3. Enter your VU student ID and Password and click Log In.


login screen


Victoria University App login format:

Username: Use "s" (lower case) followed by your Student ID number; for example: s1234567.
Password: Use your MyVU password. If you are a first time user, your password will be set to default - "Temp" (uppercase T) followed by your date of birth in the format Tempddmmyyyy. For example: 12 May 1983 is written as Temp12051983. (You must include the full year)


If you have trouble Logging in, please contact the VU ITS service desk on 9919 2777, visit one of the VU ITS support desks in person, or log a service request online

Step 3: Connect to VU Collaborate and the VU App

1. Click Connect to VU Collaborate.

connect to vu collaborate


2. Enter your VU student ID & password in the respective fields. Then click Log In.

VU login


Once you connect successfully, you will not need to log in again, unless you log out or uninstall the app.


Step Four: Accessing VU Collaborate and Timetable

1. Click the Collaborate icon located at the bottom of the screen. It will take you to the VU Collaborate homepage where you can access news, your current, and past units.

where to find collaborate-+

2. Click Timetable to track your classes, exams, and assessment deadlines.


where to find timetable

3. Click the left/right arrow to change the week. Click Today to see your timetable for the day.


timetable blurred


Step Five: Digital ID Card 

1. Click the Profile icon located at the bottom right corner of the screen.

profile icon


2. The Profile Icon will lead you to your Digital ID card which has a unique barcode - the same as the one on your physical VU Student ID card. Your Digital ID card can be used to borrow books from the VU Library, as well as having your attendance scanned in at Learning Hub activities.

student id real


Step Six: Using the Maps Feature

1. Click Map icon located at the bottom of the screen.


maps icon


2. Select the campus for which you would like to view the map.


maps list


3. On campus view, you can toggle bathrooms & entrances on/off to find them on campus. You can also tap buildings to access the floor-level view. In the floor-level view, you can toggle on/off bathrooms, stairs & elevators.


FP map


Connecting to Eduroam Wi-Fi is advised for optimised access to Maps.

Step Seven: Accessing MyVU 

1. The MyVU icon is located on the homepage under Essentials


real essentials


2. Select the MyVU icon


my vu icon


3. Enter your VU student ID & password in the respective fields. Then click Log In.


VU Login 


Once you connect successfully, you will not need to log in again, unless you log out or uninstall the app.


Further Support

Visit the VU Collaborate Help site at for up to date information and resources on blended learning or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Contact ITS Service Desk on (03) 9919 2777 or via self-service for further technical support.


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