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Piece to Camera

Videos in which a presenter speaks directly to camera

Piece to Camera

Piece to Camera

(If you’re looking to record a Welcome Video for your unit, please visit the Welcome Video Guide)

When recording a piece to camera, the participant speaks directly to the viewer by looking down the lens. This differs to an interview, where the participant speaks to a person sitting off camera.

Tips for writing your script:

  • To get started, we recommend using our three-column script template. With this method, the first column is used to number each scene, the second column is used to the describe the visual content (what’s happening on screen) and the third column is for the audio content (what’s being heard). You can download a three-column script example and template from our Resources page.
  • Keep the script simple and conversational. Use plain language.
  • Once complete, time yourself reading the script aloud to assess the duration. It’s best to keep it under two minutes- unless there’s a good reason for it to be longer.
  • Be aware of assumed knowledge in the script. You may know what mitochondrial DNA is, but will the viewer?
  • Remember, if your script mentions a month or year it may shorten the life of the video. Eg. “January 2018 is a great time to be a VU student”. Use generic phrases if you intend for the video to be used in future years.

Tips for presenting to camera:

  • When on camera assume a comfortable, steady position. Avoid swaying or moving around too much.
  • Keep your hands in front and feel free to use them as you talk. Remember to keep your body language positive. Avoid pointing or clenched fists.
  • Make eye contact with the camera and avoid looking off to the side, especially at the beginning and end of a recording. The teleprompter will assist you in looking down the lens.
  • Unless it’s a serious topic, remember to smile to engage the viewer. To create a relaxed, conversational vibe, imagine you are telling a friend.
  • Bring lots of energy. Viewers are used to seeing animated presenters on television and a dull delivery will not engage your audience. At the time it may feel like you’re overdoing it, but when you watch the video an energetic performance will often look right.

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