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Virtual Reality

Using VR headsets to immerse students in a range of educational experiences

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality creates an immersive experience for students and can be used to teach a range of subjects. Oculus Go VR headsets are available for classroom use with full support provided by Video Hive staff.

Below is a list of VR apps that are available, some of which are already in use across VU units:

  1. Body VR (Health and biomedicine)
  2. 6x9 (Law, criminology, psychology, social studies)
  3. The Hidden (Law, criminology, psychology, social studies, human rights)
  4. Working At Height (Engineering, construction, safety)
  5. MEL Chemistry VR Lessons (Chemical engineering, science)
  6. Nuclear:The Periodic Table of Elements (Chemical engineering, science)
  7. Human Anatomy VR Complete Edition (Health and biomedicine)
  8. NuroExplorer (Health and biomedicine, paramedics – good one!!!)
  9. Medical Training Sim (Medical students, paramedics)
  10. First Aid Training (Medical students, paramedics)
  11. Ursapharm VR Experience (Human eye for paramedics, medical students)
  12. PregnancyVue (Midwifery)
  13. Wonderful You (Midwifery)
  14. Dem-Con: Materials Recovery Facility (Recycling)
  15. Gala 360 (Misc: buildings, famous locations and places, good for general knowledge, history and travel)
  16. Chernobyl360 (Natural disaster, history, engineering, other disciplines)
  17. Chernobyl VR Project (Natural disaster, history, engineering, other disciplines)
  18. In Our Boots (Military)
  19. My New Home (Human rights, refugee rights)
  20. Anne Frank House VR (Racial descrimination, human rights, holocost)
  21. Decisions: Party’s Over (Social studies, consequences of binge drinking)
  22. Across the Line (Women's reproductive rights, human rights, social issues)
  23. Open Rescue (Social studies, animal rights)
  24. Looking Glass VR (History 1892 - 1933, view of a room, images, artifacts)
  25. MasterWorks: Journey Through History (History, traveling though 3 continents)
  26. Calcflow (Mathematics, third dimension)
  27. Apollo 11 VR Mobile (History, politics)
  28. AltSpaceVR (Game, virtual rooms and events)
  29. CoSpaces Edu - Make AR & VR in the classroom (App creation in Primary school teaching)
  30. Mission:ISS (Science, experience life on board the International Space Station!)
  31. Mondly: Learn Languages in VR (Learning 40 foreign languages)

VR headsets can be booked by emailing or calling the Video Hive.

On the day, one of our staff will assist students with operating the headsets. The session will take place in a quiet area to ensure students have a positive VR experience.

We're also able to utilise our 360 camera to create videos and still images compatible with the Oculus Go VR headsets.

Please be aware when using VR headsets some students may experience unpleasant side effects. These include anxiety, nausea, dizziness and eye strain. Any student who experiences these symptoms should discontinue use of the VR headset.

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