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Create a comprehensive and dynamic online portfolio.

Creating Artefacts in ePortfolio

My ePortfolio is a repository for digital artefacts that represent your learning. You may upload or create artefacts on any number of topics and at any stage of completion. An artefact may be a document, graphic, audio file, video file, presentation, or other forms of digital media. You may upload files from a personal computer or storage device; import items from a unit; link to a website; create an HTML file; fill out a form created by your institution, or record an audio file directly within My ePortfolio.

Instead of viewing your artefacts as complete examples, consider them as ongoing projects and continuously revise them as you develop new skills and understandings. This way your portfolio is a true reflection of your skills and achievements.


Here are the steps to create artefacts in ePortfolio:

Step One: Locating ePortfolio

1. To access the ePortfolio, click Tools (or Toolbox) in the main navbar in your space.

2. A drop-down menu will appear. Click on My ePortfolio.

Step01 01 DL

Step Two: Upload a File

Upload files from your computer, personal storage device, or VU Collaborate locker area that demonstrate your improvement or mastery in an area of interest.

1. Click My Items tab, then click Add button.

2. Click File from Computer.


Step02 01 DL

3. A pop-up window will appear, select the location of your file either from your Computer or VU Collaborate personal or group lockers.

Step02 02 DL

4. If you wish to upload a file, click on My Computer then click on Upload to select the file.

Step02 03 DL

5. A pop-up window will appear, browse for the file you want to add, select the file and click Open.

browse popup menu highlighting the file to be uploaded and open button

6. Click Add.


Step02 04 DL

6. Give the file a Name and Description. Add any Tags you want the artefact to have.

7. Click Save.

Step02 06 DL

8. Click on Save and Close.

Step02 07 DL

You're file is now uploaded onto your ePortfolio.

Step02 08 DL

Tip: Consider compressing large media files before you upload them to save unit/course in your My ePortfolio. Full resolution files are not usually necessary for display on the web.

Note: Tags are words you associate with an object to make items easier to find. You can search for items with specific tags, and other users can use your tags to search for items.

Step Three: Create an HTML File

My ePortfolio provides the option to create HTML artefacts using a simple HTML Editor. HTML files may contain formatted text, images, videos, audio files, and links to content in VU Collaborate.

1. Click Web Document from the Add button.


Step03 01 DL

2. Enter the File Name you want the file to be stored as.

3. Use the HTML Editor to add your content.

4. Click Next.


Step03 02 DL

5. Enter the Name you want to display for the file and a Description. Add any Tags you want the artefact to have.

6. Click Save.


Step03 03 DL

7. Click on Save and Close.

Step03 04 DL 

Your Web Document is now created in your ePortfolio.

Step03 05 DL

Step Four: Link to a Web Address

If you want to include an existing website as an artefact in your portfolio, you can reference the address (URL) for the site rather than uploading files.

1. Click Link from the Add Button.


Step04 01 DL


2. Enter the Name you want the URL to be stored as.

3. Enter the URL (web address).

4. Enter a Description of the site or its significance.

5. Add any Tags you want the artefact to have.

6. Click Save.


Step04 02 DL

7. Click on Save and Close.

Step04 04 DL


Your link is now created in your ePortfolio.


Step04 05 DL

Step Five: Import Unit Content as an Artefact

Track your progress over time by including your unit work in your My ePortfolio. You may then review your work at any point in the future and compare it to other assignments and units. You can also add unit content artefacts to your My ePortfolio directly from your units.

Note: If you import quiz or assessment dropbox folder results into your My ePortfolio, any learning objectives associated with the quiz or assessment dropbox folder also import into your My ePortfolio pre-associated with your unit content artefacts.

1. Click Course results from the Add button.

Step05 01 DL

2. If you have more than one role in the system, select the role you want to import unit results for from the Enrolled As drop-down list. Click the name of the unit you want to import results from.

Step05 02 DL

3. Select the items you want to import by selecting the check box beside the course results or competencies, then click Next.

Step05 03 DL

4. Enter a Name and Description for each item. Add any Tags you want the artefact to have.

5. Click Save.

Step05 04 DL

Note: The system takes a few minutes to generate the results into your ePortfolio.

Your Grades/Competencies for the desired unit is now created in your ePortfolio.

Step05 05 DL

Tip: Click the Apply Tags to All Artefacts button to add a set of tags to all items on the page.

Step Six: Record Audio

You can record audio directly within My ePortfolio, rather than pre-recording audio on your computer and uploading it as a file.

1. Click Audio Recording from the Add button.

Step06 01 DL

2. If you see an Adobe Flash Player Settings pop up message, select the Allow and Remember radio buttons then click on Close.

Step06 02 DL

3. Ensure your microphone is set up correctly and click Record.

Step06 03 DL

4.Click Play Play Icon to listen to your recording.

5.Click Next.

Step06 04 DL

6.Give the file a Name and Description.

7.Add any tags you want the artefact to have.

8.Click Save.


Step06 05 DL

Your audio file is now uploaded on your ePortfolio.

Step06 07 DL

Tip: Alternatively, if you have an audio file you would like to upload, you can do so by using the Upload a File option above.

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