Adding Library Content

Add VU library material to unit spaces and use Readings to create a unit reading list.

Library Readings & Content

Sourcing video, image and textual content from the library can give a unit depth and context. Several guides are provided to assist with linking or embedding library resources.

Readings provide students access to online material in units for required and optional readings. Students are provided with a consistent and organised interface for their unit readings. The tool allows teaching staff to store, review, organise and share student readings within VU Collaborate, and comply with copyright requirements. Several guides are provided below regarding adding and organising student readings. Contact College & Discipline Librarians for further information on Readings or using library content in unit spaces.

If known use a direct email, if not contact librarians on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you will receive an email from the appropriate HE College or TAFE at VU contact.


Tip: To print or save any one of these guides, click on the print icon located to the right of a guide's title. You will then need to click on another print icon. If you wish to save this file, instead of printing to a printer change it to “Save As PDF”.  You can then save it on your computer or USB as a PDF.print button located on the top right of the guide title

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