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Creating Spaces

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Creating Spaces

A Space is an online area that can be used to include your teaching and learning activities for collaboration, communication and assessment. There are a number of different types of spaces. As a staff member, you are responsible for setting up these spaces as necessary, see the help guides below to learn more.

Space types

Delivery Spaces are for teaching purposes and are created two weeks before the block or semester starts. Delivery spaces can be created either as a single unit or a multi-unit space. Single unit spaces are created automatically in HE, while multi-unit spaces can be created by contacting ITS. Note that Victoria University Polytechnic units are unaffected by the space creation automation.

Unit Master Spaces are spaces where everything will be copied from to create the Single Unit Delivery Space for students and staff to work from two (2) weeks before the semester begins. Read this guide on Unit Master Spaces to learn more.

Sandpit Space is your personal online space in which you can learn about VU Collaborate. See the help guide below Creating New Sandpits. (Note: Sandpits are not used for teaching with students so students are not enrolled in Sandpit spaces.)

Support and Collaboration Spaces are not for teaching and assessment purposes and are not associated with award units. Rather, these spaces are online areas where staff can collaborate with each other or support and interact with students e.g. a College Learning and Teaching Hub or First Year Academic Writing space. To request a new Support and Collaboration Space, please fill in this online form through ITS service desk.

Course Communication Spaces can be created to communicate with and support all students in the same course (for all years) or all students in several courses e.g. all nursing courses. To request a new Course Communication Space, please fill in this online form through ITS service desk.

Creating Spaces guides

Tip: To print or save any one of these guides - you will need to use Google Chrome - click on the print icon located to the right of a guide's title. You will then need to click on another print icon. If you wish to save this file, instead of printing to a printer change it to “Save As PDF”.  You can then save it on your computer or USB as a PDF.print button located on the top right of the guide title

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