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Create customisable marking schemes and store templates for reuse.


Rubrics are a descriptive marking scheme attached to an assessment item, sometimes developed in consultation with students, to guide feedback about students' learning in an assessment task.

The VU Collaborate Rubrics tool enables you to create, edit and manage rubrics. Rubrics help mark your students, with results automatically updated in the Grades tool. You can fully customise your rubric to your course and copy rubrics between VU Collaborate spaces.

 Consult the list of guides below for examples and detailed step-by-step instructions. 

Consult this Quick Reference Guide for basic steps to Create an Analytic Rubric in VU Collaborate.

Tip: To print or save any one of these guides - you will need to use Google Chrome - click on the print icon located to the right of a guide's title. You will then need to click on another print icon. If you wish to save this file, instead of printing to a printer change it to “Save As PDF”.  You can then save it on your computer or USB as a PDF.print button located on the top right of the guide title

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