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Linking a rubric to a Learning Space module

This guide will take you through the steps of how to link a rubric to the content in the Learning Space so that students are able to view the rubric in the module for Assessment Information.

There are two methods of linking the rubric in the Learning Space:

Add the rubric link into the Assessment module description where there is an outline of the assessments.

Add the rubric into the Assessment information module as a topic.

The rubric quick-links will only work if the assessment dropbox or discussion is visible to students, and the rubric is linked to the assessment dropbox or discussion.

Method 1: Add the rubric link to the Assessment module description

1. Go to the relevant unit space in VU Collaborate and open the Learning Space.  You then select the Assessment Information module and click inside the description where the information for assessment is placed. 


assessment info module


2. Click the area of the text where you want to include a link to the rubric and select the Quicklink icon.

quicklink tab


3. Select the Rubrics Quicklink, then choose the rubric that you want to have linked.

selecting the rubric quicklink       select the rubric


4. The rubric link will then appear in the body of the text that you have chosen.  To add further rubrics into the description, click on the next area you want to add a rubric and repeat the process.

rubric quicklink in assessment description


Method 2: Add the rubric quicklink as a topic in the module

1. Go to the relevant unit space in VU Collaborate and select Learning Space, then select the Assessment information module.

2. Click on the New tab and select New Document.

select new document


3. Select the Quicklink icon.

quicklink tab


4. Choose the Rubric Quicklink then the rubric you want to link to as in step 3 in the above method. 

5. The Quicklink shows up in the document box with the rubric title. Enter a topic title for the rubric in the module that is easy to understand then select Publish.

Adding a title to publish


When students click on the title that appears like this in the Assessment information module, 

rubric topic title in module


they will see this.

quicklink for rubric in learning space


They need to click on the rubric title so the rubric presents as the picture below.

view of quicklink rubric in learning space

Further Support

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