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Quiz Tools

Create a quiz, survey, or self-assessment, review the results, and see class statistics.

The Quiz tool creates and manages quiz assessments. You can use these tools to help evaluate student progress and learning outcomes. Once you receive completed quizzes from students, you can view statistics such as grade distribution, grade average, question statistics, and user statistics. There are many different question types available in VU Collaborate, so you can choose the ones that best suit your course content.

The Question Library is a central repository that stores and archives questions which you can share and reuse for all assessment tools within a unit. You can create multiple collections within the Question Library to organise your questions by type and topic, making it easier for you to find questions for your quizzes, surveys, and self-assessments. We recommend that you create all questions (whether for a quiz, self-assessment or survey) in the Question Library first for storage and easy access later.

The Survey tool is an excellent way to solicit feedback from users regarding any aspect of a unit. For example, they can be used as a method of collecting unit evaluations, mid-year reviews, or researching users' learning style and content delivery preferences.

To see how to link a quiz to the gradebook in VU Collaborate and how to mark a quiz in VU Collaborate, please see the short videos below.





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