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Modify quiz results display and feedback options

When building a quiz, you can utilise the settings tabs to define the quiz general properties, restrictions, assessment, objectives, submission views, and report setup. This guide will focus on the submission views of quizzes and the options available for revealing the scores and/or feedback. This guide will also take you through the different ways you can provide feedback when marking a quiz.

The steps below will explain why and how to use each of the available options:


Step One: Access the Quiz Results Displays

1. Navigate to your quiz and select Edit.

2. In Edit mode, expand the Evaluation & Feedback panel on the right.
3. Then, select Customize Quiz Results Displays.

qz evaluation feeback custom results displays

4. Select the view you want to modify

  • Primary View (A): shown when results are published, and/or
  • Add Additional View (B): optionally add an additional view, displayed after a give date.

qz results displays options


Primary View: Edit the default submission view

1 Default submission view

The default quiz submission view, with auto-publish selected, shows the Attempted Score and Overall Grade.

default feedback view 

Each quiz has its own submission view that can be modified to include:

  • Questions, Answer Options, Correct Answers, and Scores
  • Feedback


2 Show Questions

2.1 Question Options

  • Questions
    • Don't show
    • All questions
    • Only Questions answered correctly
    • ncorrect questions with learner's responses
    • Correct questions only with learner's responses
  • Question Answers
    • Show the correct answers to the displayed questions
    • Show the learner's responses to the displayed questions
    • Show the learner's grade for the displayed questions

2.2 Example - Show all questions, with user responses, correct answers and score

  • Show questions - select All quesions (1)
  • Show correct answer (a)
  • Show learners response (b)
  • Show score (c)

quiz feedback



A.2.3 Feedback

3. Pre-set feedback for wrong answers within the Quiz/Question Library. This can be set up when you create a new question or edit an existing one. 

This option allows the quiz to be auto-graded since it will not require manual feedback.

3.1 select option in a question

3.2 adding preset feedback

4. The feedback box will appear under each answer allowing you to fill in the relevant feedback.

3.3 feedback box

5. The student's submission view will only show the questions answered incorrectly along with the pre-set feedback. 

3.4 student view


Step Three: Manage Availability and set up a Timer for the Submission View.

1. In the Customize Quiz Results Displays option, click on + Additional View (the timer option is only available here).

qz add additional view

2. Under Additional view comes into effect, you can select the date and time when you would like to publish the Results Displays.

3. To limit the quiz feedback within a period of time, tick on a limited amount of time (in minutes) after submission, and key in the number of minutes you wish to provide the submission view for, in the box shown.

 This option is best used with auto-graded quizzes and/or pre-set feedback shown above, as the timer starts from the time a student submits the quiz attempt.

qz additional view time settings

4. Once done, scroll down and select Create.

qz create button

5. Select OK to apply the changes.

qz ok button

Student View

Students will see this submission view before the timer is up.


The submission view will refresh to this after the timer is up



Optional: Manually providing feedback when grading a quiz for a specific question.

The instructions below will guide you through how to manually enter feedback into a student quiz attempt if you have not set up pre-set feedback.

1. From the quiz name select Grade from the dropdown list.

 from quiz select grade

2. Click on the attempt number to view the attempt.

qz select student attempt

3. Under each question, expand question feedback.
Then, enter the manual feedback in the textbox.

qz enter feedback on each question


Optional: Manually providing overall feedback when grading a quiz.

You may only wish to publish overall feedback for a quiz without letting students see all quiz questions. Below are set by set instructions on how to give feedback to your students in this case.

1. Go to Assessments and then Grades.

Assessment Grades

2. Select the dropdown arrow next to the title of the relevant quiz then select Enter Grades.

Select Quiz Enter Grades

3. Select the pen icon to edit or add a comment.

Enter Feedback in grade

5. Type in your feedback then clicks Save.

Grade Comments

6. To make this feedback available to the student you will need to make sure that the grade item is visible to users.  


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