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Assessment Dropbox
Assessment Icons
Create - 1 Setting up the Gradebook (settings & grading system)
Create - 1 Understanding Grading Systems in Gradebook
Create - 2 Creating a Grade Scheme
Create - 3 Creating Grade Items
Create - 4 Creating Learning Objectives and Competencies
Create - Creating a Quiz
Create - Creating Questions in the Question Library
Create - Creating Questions selected randomly from a Question Pool
Create - Creating Questions with the Quiz Converter Tool
Create - Modify quiz submission views and feedback options
Creating an Attendance Register
Creating an Attendance Scheme
Creating Analytic Rubrics
Dropbox Originality Check
Feedback Fruits
Feedback Fruits - (Peer Review) - Adding a Peer Review to a Learning Space
Feedback Fruits - Setting up the Group Member Evaluation Tool
Grading - Grading a Quiz
Grading - Grading and Publishing to Students
Introducing the Assessment Dropbox
Linking a Rubric to a Learning Space Module
Linking a Rubric to an Assessment Dropbox
Manage - Granting Special Access (dates, time, attempts) in Quizzes
Manage - Granting Student Extensions in Assessment Dropbox Folders
Manage - Submitting a Quiz on Behalf of a Student
Managing - Changing the Visibility of Grade Items
Managing - Exporting and Importing Gradebook Data
Mark - Anonymous Marking for Assessments
Mark - Bulk Publishing Feedback in VU Collaborate
Mark - Marking Group Assessments
Marking - Assessing and Marking Discussion Topic
Peer Feedback Tools
Questions - Creating Arithmetic Questions (2+2)
Questions - Creating Fill in the Blanks Question (FIB)
Questions - Creating Likert Questions (LIK)
Questions - Creating Long Answer (Written Response) Questions
Questions - Creating Matching Questions (MAT)
Questions - Creating Multi-Select Questions (M-S)
Questions - Creating Multi-Short Answer Questions (MSA)
Questions - Creating Multiple Choice Questions (MC)
Questions - Creating Ordering Questions (ORD)
Questions - Creating Short Answer Questions (SA)
Questions - Creating Significant Figures Questions (x10)
Questions - Creating True or False Questions (T/F)
Questions - Options to Customise Questions
Questions - Understanding Regular Expressions
Quiz - Incorporating H5Ps in the VU Collaborate Quiz Tool
Recording Attendance
Understanding Attendance
Using Awards (Badges and Certificates)
Using Release Conditions
Viewing Urkund / Originality Report (Ouriginal) - view only

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