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2 - Understanding Grading Systems in Gradebook
Assessment Dropbox
Assessment Icons
Create - Creating a Quiz
Create - Creating a Quiz (New Interface)
Create - Creating Questions in the Question Library
Create - Creating Questions selected randomly from a Question Pool
Create - Creating Questions with the Quiz Converter Tool
Create - Modify quiz submission views and feedback options (Old Interface)
Creating an Attendance Register
Creating an Attendance Scheme
Creating Analytic Rubrics
Creating Artefacts in ePortfolio
Creating Holistic Rubrics
Creating Reflections in ePortfolio
Dropbox - Originality Check: Getting started
Dropbox Originality Check
Exporting a ZIP file of Artefacts from ePortfolio
Feedback Fruits
Feedback Fruits - (Peer Review) - Adding a Peer Review to a Learning Space
Feedback Fruits - Setting up the Group Member Evaluation Tool
Getting Started - Creating a Grade Item
Getting Started - Creating a Grade Scheme
Getting Started - Setting up the Gradebook
Grading - Assessing and Grading Discussions
Grading - Grading and Publishing to Students
Interpreting the Originality Report (Ouriginal)
Introducing the Assessment Dropbox
Linking a Rubric to a Learning Space Module
Linking a Rubric to an Assessment Dropbox Folder
Manage - Granting Special Access (dates, time, attempts) in Quizzes
Manage - Granting Student Extensions in Assessment Dropbox Folders
Manage - Submitting a Quiz on Behalf of a Student
Managing - Changing the Visibility of Grade Items
Managing - Exporting and Importing Gradebook Data
Mark - Anonymous Marking for Assessments
Mark - Bulk Publishing Feedback in VU Collaborate
Mark - Marking Group Assessments
Marking a Quiz
Optional - Creating Learning Objectives and Competencies
Peer Feedback Tools
Pushing ePortfolio Artefacts
Questions - Creating Arithmetic Questions (2+2)
Questions - Creating Fill in the Blanks Question (FIB)
Questions - Creating Likert Questions (LIK)
Questions - Creating Long Answer (Written Response) Questions
Questions - Creating Matching Questions (MAT)
Questions - Creating Multi-Select Questions (M-S)
Questions - Creating Multi-Short Answer Questions (MSA)
Questions - Creating Multiple Choice Questions (MC)
Questions - Creating Ordering Questions (ORD)
Questions - Creating Short Answer Questions (SA)
Questions - Creating Significant Figures Questions (x10)
Questions - Creating True or False Questions (T/F)
Questions - Incorporating H5Ps in the VU Collaborate Quiz Tool
Questions - Options to Customise Questions
Questions - Understanding Regular Expressions
Recording Attendance
Sharing ePortfolio Artefacts with Individuals
Understanding Attendance
Using Awards and Badges
Using Release Conditions

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