Create registers that track attendance for activities and classes.

Creating an Attendance Scheme


The Attendance Scheme allows teaching staff to record students’ attendance. This scheme defines student participation status for each session (ex. present, absent, sick).

Here are the steps to create an attendance scheme:


Step One: Access the Attendance Tool

1. Click Space Admin in the navbar.


Navigation bar with Space Admin option highlighted


2. In the Learner Management section, click Attendance.


Space administration menu options with Attendance highlighted


Step Two: Create a New Attendance Scheme

VU Collaborate provides default Organisation Schemes that can be used if the statuses defined here are suitable for your course. However, if you have specific requirements you can create your own Attendance Scheme.


Attendance menu with attendance schemes tab highlighted and the default organisation scheme also highlighted


1. Click Attendance Schemes to view all schemes. To create your own, click New Scheme.


 New scheme button


2. Enter a Name for your scheme in the first field.

3. Under Attendance Statuses, write the Symbol and the Status Full Name to record attendance. For example: P = Present, A = Absent and L = Late.

4. Enter a number in the Assigned % field to count towards the total attendance percentage (ex: Present = 100, Absent = 0). If you do not want a status to count toward final attendance scores, leave the Assigned % field blank (do not enter a value of 0).

5. Click Save to create the new scheme.


New Scheme details with fields for different attendance statuses such as present for 100% and absent for 0%

Note: If you would like to calculate an attendance percentage, you must have at least one status with a value of 100 in the Assigned % field. This indicates that the student attended the session. Attendance is calculated by adding the total Assigned % value for each status recorded in your attendance data, and then this value is divided by the total number of sessions. 

2.1 Add More Statuses

1. After you have clicked Save you can add more statuses if you want to such as Left Early.  Enter the number of statuses to add and click Add Statuses. If you type 1 in the Add Statuses field, one new empty row will appear, where you can enter the details for the new status.


 Add status field and button  


2. Click Save to add the new status.


2.2 Deleting Attendance Statuses

1. Click the Delete icon on the right-hand side of the status to delete it.


Delete Icon


2. A plus icon will appear, indicating that you can restore the status if you deleted it by accident.


Plus icon


3. To confirm that you want to delete the status, click Save.

Note: You cannot delete statuses that have data recorded. You'll need to unassign all data first, by selecting the 'None' option under Attendance Status.

2.3 Ordering Attendance Statuses


1. You can reorder your statuses by numbering them in the list that appears under Order. Enter the number you want the status to appear in your list.

2. To confirm that the order has been changed, click Save. Clicking Save creates the scheme and changes the Cancel button into the Close button. 


Order dropdown menus


3. When you are finished entering information, and have saved your work, click Close to return to the Attendance Schemes menu.


Popup showing that scheme was created successfully. Close button highlighted


Step Three: Managing Attendance Schemes

You can set your new scheme as a default scheme. Your new scheme will appear in the Course Schemes section.

1. Click Set under Default Scheme to set a scheme as the default.


Newly created attendance scheme showing in the list with Set button hihglighted


2. A confirmation message will appear. Click Set to confirm, or Cancel to return to the list.


Confirmation popup ensuring that you would like to Set attendance scheme


This will change your Attendance Scheme to the Current Default. The default scheme will be automatically chosen for any new Attendance Registers.


Current default notification highlighted


In this view, you can also Edit, View, Copy or Delete a scheme. Click on the dropdown menu next to your scheme, and select an option.

Note: You cannot delete a scheme if it has already been used to record attendance. First you will be required to unassign any attendance data associated with the scheme.

Dropdown menu from scheme title with options to edit scheme, view in a new window, copy or delete.


Further Support

Visit the VU Collaborate Help site at for up to date information and resources on blended learning or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Contact ITS Service Desk on (03) 9919 2777 or via self-service for further technical support.