Panopto is the new video management and editing platform at Victoria University.  It replaces Echo360, and videos that were stored in Echo360 were moved to Panopto.  Panopto is very simple and easy to use for creating videos and screencasts from various and multiple devices.  You can edit your videos in Panopto as well as combine multiple videos, links and presentations, as well as captions.  You are also able to easily share videos with links and embed them into your VU Collaborate space.  For information about Panopto, see the Panopto website or choose one of the guides from the list below.

To print or save any one of the guides below, click on the print icon located to the right of a guide's title. You will then need to click on another print icon. If you wish to save this file, instead of printing to a printer change it to “Save As PDF”.  You can then save it on your computer or USB as a PDF.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              print button located on the top right of the guide title


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