How to Create and Share a Playlist in Panopto

Playlists allow videos in Panopto to be presented in a single, ordered list even if those videos exist in different folders. When enabled, any user with creator access to a folder will have the ability to create playlists in that folder.

Below are the steps to create, edit and share  a video on Panopto :

Step one: Create a playlist

1. Click the create button and select Playlist. 

Step 1 Panopto


2. Name your playlist and choose a folder where it will be saved. Then write a Description for the playlist and click Create. 

step 2 Panopto


3. You will be taken to the overview page for the playlist you created.

4. Click Add Videos.

Step 3 Panopto

5. Select the videos you want to appear in the playlist and click Add.

Step 4 Panopto


Step two: Editing playlists

 1. Go to the playlist you want to edit and click Settings

Step 5 Panopto

2. You will be taken to the overview page where you can edit the playlist information, description, add videos to a playlist, and delete the playlist. 

Step 6 Panopto 001 

You can add videos to your playlist as long as you have at least viewer access.

Step three: Sharing playlists

1. Go to your playlist and click the Share button.

Step 7 Panopto

2.  A Share page is going to appear on your screen.  

3. Go to Who has access and change the access permissions of the playlist. 

Specific people: Only specific users and groups can view the playlist, add them with their email address.

Anyone at your organisation with the link: Unlisted, anyone at your organisation who has the link can view the playlist. 

Anyone with the link: Unlisted, anyone who has the link can view the playlist. No sign-in is required to view the playlist. 

Step 8 Panopto

4. You can also invite people to view the playlist by entering their names, groups, usernames, or email address.  

If you want to notify people via email, just put a checkmark in the square beside this option. 

Step 9 Panopto 

5. Click Send and save changes. 

Stopping Panopto downloads

Click on the video below to watch a short video on how to stop Panopto downloads.
This is not one of our professionally-made videos but just a quick demonstration.

stop panopto downloads


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