Virtual Classrooms

Enable remote learning and encourage student participation in a fully online environment.

WebEx Virtual Classrooms allow students who are not able to be physically present at a class to attend sessions online. Creating a WebEx virtual classroom in VU Collaborate is a simple process that only takes a few minutes, and can include live streamed video and a chat function.

Zoom virtual classrooms also provide a space where academics and students can collaborate online in when unable to attend classes on campus. Zoom provides greater flexibility with how courses are delivered at VU, utilising world renowned software that covers all devices both mobile and fixed.


What you really must know to facilitate a class using Zoom and Webex is:

  1. How to schedule your class in VU Collaborate
  2. The options you have in the virtual classroom
  3. How to manage participants and the chat function
  4. How to ensure privacy and security for your session
  5. Possible - how to assign scheduling privileges.

What is handy to know to make your session more engaging:

  1. How to create a poll
  2. How to create and manage breakout rooms
  3. Using the Zoom app on a phone and/or tablet.


To print or save any of these guides, click on the print icon at the right of a guide's title. You then click on another print icon in the window that opens. To save this file instead of printing, select “Save As PDF”.     print button located on the top right of the guide title



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