Virtual Classrooms

Enable remote learning and encourage student participation in a fully online environment.

Schedule a New Class on Zoom

This guide will show how to schedule your Zoom Classroom sessions within VU Collaborate.

You can schedule classes in Zoom to provide online, synchronous, interactive classes with students. Scheduling a class in VU Collaborate will make it easy for students to join and easy for you to host. You can schedule multiple and recurring classes as well as a singular class. 


Schedule Zoom sessions in your Delivery Space.

This guide will walk you through scheduling classes in Zoom:


Alternatively, you can view the video of instructions here.


Access the Zoom Classroom

1. In a Delivery Space on the navbar, select Communication, then Zoom Classroom.

From the Navigation menu, select communication then zoom classroom

2. Select Schedule a New Meeting.

schedule a new meeting button


Provide a Name and Description

1. Review the Topic Name, and optionally include a Description.

review topic name


Select Dates and Times

Enter you session details:

  • When: Select the Date and Time. For recurring meetings, this will be for the first session. 
  • Duration: Enter the length of the session (i.e. 1 hour).
    Note: this is for scheduling only, the meeting can be started before this time, and will run until the host ends the session.
  • Time Zone: Check that the correct time zone is selected (GMT+11:00 Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney).
  • Recurring meeting: Optional - Tick to schedule multiple class sessions. Next select recurrence (i.e. weekly), days (i.e. Mon, Wed, Fri) and end date (by date or number of occurrences).

select date and time settings


Choose Security Settings

  • Registration: Not recommended - only use this option when registration is required, such as for webinars
  • Passcode - Required
  • Waiting room: Optional - participants will be placed in a waiting room, and can only join when admitted by the host.
  • Only authenticated users can join meetings: Required - will ensure only students who have an active Student Account within VU Collaborate will be able to join the session.

Choose Video and Audio Settings

It is recommended that webcam are turned on during sessions, if this is not possible, ensure a profile picture is selected.

  • Choose if you would like the host and participant's video on or off when joining the meeting. 
  • Keep the default audio setting Telephone and Computer Audio.

select video and audio options


Select Meeting Options

  • Enable join before host: Not recommended
  • Mute participants on entry: Recommended - participants can unmute themselves, but it reduces noise and distraction at the start of a session.
  • Breakout Room pre-assign: Optionalsee Using Breakout Rooms in Zoom if pre-assigned rooms are required.
  • Use Personal Meeting ID (ID Number): Not recommended
  • Record the meeting automatically: Not recommended
    VU will not be recording any Zoom classroom sessions due to security, privacy, and copyright concerns.

select meeting options


Alternative Hosts

You can assign another VU staff member as the host for the meeting. This means that other people can set up a Zoom classroom for the facilitator/host, and there can be more than one person ready to host/facilitate the class. You can also allow co-hosts scheduling privileges to schedule meetings or classes on your behalf.

Select setting schedule privileges to co-hosts on zoom for the best/safest method for assigning another person to create schedules for you.

  • Enter alternate host emails seperated by a comma.
    Note: Alternate host emails must be entered in all lowercase, otherwise, they will not be able to start the meeting.

Zoom alternative host



1. When ready, select Save to create your Zoom session(s).



Further Support

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