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What is FeedbackFruits?

A system for students to rate the work of their group and the individual members of the group, including themselves. There are a number of templates ready to be used so you can concentrate on helping students with the assignment. They hand in the assignment, provide their feedback and then reflect on the feedback they are given from the other group members and the instructor.  Instructors also get to see all of the feedback and use the analytics.

Can you use audio and video?

Yes. All major video and audio file types are supported (like .mp4 and .mp3), as well as all major document types (like .docx and .pdf).

When can students start reviewing?

As soon as the hand-in deadline is expired, the files automatically get distributed to other students.

When can a review recipient start viewing the feedback?

As soon as the reviewer submits feedback on one of the review criteria, it directly gets delivered to the recipient who receives a notification. So recipients don't have to wait until all criteria have been reviewed before the feedback becomes available.

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