Feedback Fruits

Feedback Fruits

What is FeedbackFruits?

FeedbackFruits works together with thought-leading universities to co-create pedagogical
tooling to ensure that teachers can implement world-class learning experiences with 1% of the original workload.

FeedbackFruits is a suite of tools that intergraded seamlessly within VU Collaborate, that support learning and teaching engagement.
Tools include peer review, team-based learning, group feedback and interactive documentation.


FeedbackFruits guides


FeedbackFruits integrates directly with VU Collaborate

See the Help guide to adding FeedbackFruits into your VU Collaborate Unit Site below

From add activity, select FeedbackFruits


How Feedbackfruits work with VU Collaborate


Students access FeedbackFruits through VU Collaborate and therefore their Single Sign-On.
This means no admin or time wasted with different logins or heading to external websites

Classlists and Groups

Classlists are synced with FeedbackFruits
FeedbackFruits links with the VU Collaborate Groups manager to sync group allocations with the FeedbackFruits tool.

Deadlines and Due Dates

When you set a deadline in a FeedbackFruits activity it syncs with the VU Collaborate Unit Site calendar


FeedbackFruits Support

Support Helpdesk

For help from the FeedbackFruits Support Team reach out to the helpdesk within any FeedbackFruits activity Support helpdesk 24/5 Response Time < 5 min

Help Centre

Advice and answers from the FeedbackFruits Team

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