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FeedbackFruits FAQ

How does Feedbackfruits work with VU Collaborate?


Students access FeedbackFruits through VU Collaborate and therefore their Single Sign-On.
This means no admin or time wasted with different logins or heading to external websites

Classlists and Groups

Classlists are synced with FeedbackFruits
FeedbackFruits links with the VU Collaborate Groups manager to sync group allocations with the FeedbackFruits tool.

Deadlines and Due Dates

When you set a deadline in a FeedbackFruits activity it syncs with the VU Collaborate Unit Site calendar


Can you use audio and video?

Yes. All major video and audio file types are supported (like .mp4 and .mp3), as well as all major document types (like .docx and .pdf).

Which tool should I use? 

How do I set up and use a FeedbackFruits tool?


Admin Only