Peer Feedback Tools

Peer evaluation is commonly used to facilitate timely formative feedback from fellow students, often as an in-class activity. Students may provide feedback on work (i.e. the quality of an oral presentation, essay, infographic or response to a case study), however, peer evaluation is increasingly being used to evaluate not just student-created work, but individual's performance in a team or group activity or formal group assessment. 

The first of these tools is Buddycheck. Buddycheck is primarily a tool for students to evaluate each other's performance in a group or team whilst completing a task or formal group assessment. As an Instructor, you can customise a set of criteria, and students evaluate themselves and their group members against these criteria in a method similar to filling in a rubric. You are able to activate Buddycheck in your unit (Delivery Space) now. Please refer to the guide on setup, and be in touch with our support team if you need assistance. 

Two sets of tools called Feedback Fruits - Peer Review, and Feedback Fruits - Interactive Study Materials are also available. One will facilitate students evaluating each other's work, such as an essay, presentation or video. The latter allows students to annotate a document, video or audio (uploaded by the teacher) in groups, or as an entire class.  

Note that copyright can be an issue with sharing some documents, see copyright to review requirements.


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