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Creating a Poll in Zoom

This guide will take you through the steps of creating a poll in a Zoom virtual classroom as the host. If you are not the host of the session, you will not be able to create a poll during the session. 

There is the option of adding a poll before the session in a .csv file shown at the end of this guide.

Polls can be created in a session if you:  Polls cannot be created in a session if you:  
 * Are the host  * Are not the host
 * Have had the meeting scheduled for you.   * Are an alternative or co-host
 * Start the meeting from VU Collaborate  * Start the session from the Zoom app
 * Start the meeting from "Schedule a meeting" on the Zoom website    * Start the meeting from "Host a meeting" on the Zoom website  

The Zoom website for staff and students of VU is can access settings and reports here but if you schedule a meeting here, it will not be available for students in VU Collaborate.

Polls can be used when you are an Alternative Host, only if the original host of the session or the creator of the sessions creates and imports polls within each session before they begin. 


This guide will cover the following:


Creating a Zoom Poll

Planning ahead is important when it comes to Poll creation within Zoom. It's important to have the Victoria University Zoom Portal Site open and ready for editing before opening your Zoom Session.

Please refer to the Zoom Essentials Help Guide, Accessing Zoom step 2.1, to learn how to log into your VU Zoom Staff Account correctly.

1. Log in to the Zoom Web Portal following step 2.1 in the Zoom Essentials Help Guide.

You should now be within the Zoom Portal Site, poll creation is now achievable via the Zoom Session or for future planning.

This step will showcase how to create a poll within a live session.

2. You can now minimise the web browser and open your Zoom session to start creating Polls within your current Session.

3. The polls button is located on the Zoom navbar. Select the Polls button to activate the polls settings.

Create poll from share screen 

4. A popup will appear, showcasing the image down below.

5. Click on Add a Question for the options to add your polling questions. This will open up a new tab on your current internet browser showcasing the Zoom Web Portal site.

Add a Question

6. A selection will be available, currently Poll or Advanced Polls and Quizzing are available. In this step, we will go through Zoom's original polls ( single and multiple choice ). Select Poll and then Next.

Select Poll

7. A blank poll will be ready for editing. Select the Edit button to begin creating your poll questions.

Select the edit button to begin creating your questions

8. You can select the Poll Title to edit it accordingly.

Select the title to add a poll title

9. The following options are presented for original polls:

  1. A dropdown selection is available for Single Choice and Multiple Choice question types. Select which type you want to use.
    ( Select whether you want participants to be able to choose only one option to answer from the list, or to select multiple answers ).
  2. This is the question that participants will see and respond to.
  3. This is the list of answers available for participants to select. Simply click into the area and type in the answers/options.

Creating a Single Choice Question

10. Select Add choice to add more answers to a poll question.

To edit an answer, click the choice area it needs to be in. In this example, you would select Choice 3.

Select Add Choice to add more choices to your question

11. You can reorder answers for a question around by dragging the six dots on the right-hand side or you can delete the question by selecting the rubbish bin.

You can delete or move an answer around

12. Once you have finished creating your first question, you can add more questions to your poll by selecting Add Question.

You can more single choice questions or multiple choice questions throughout your poll differentiation.

Select Add Question to add more questions to your poll

13. You can also delete or duplicate a whole question if needed by selecting the rubbish bin or the copy symbol underneath the question and its answers.

You can also delete of duplicate a whole question if needed by selecting the bin or copy symbols

14. You have the option to keep results completely anonymous. To do this, select the three dots next to save on the bottom right. Then tick the tickable box to activate the anonymous setting.

Results shown on the screen during the session do not show names with responses no matter which option you choose. Reports can be generated afterwards to show the names of the people who wrote responses. 

Select the three dots and then tick the anonymous setting to make the question anonymous 

15. Once you are finished with your poll creation, select Save located on the bottom right.

Example of single and multiple choice poll select save once finished

16. Once all questions have been added to the desired poll and saved. You will find the poll located in a creation list section for the current meeting. You may add multiple polls to the meeting by clicking Add to create another poll.

Add New Poll

17. When finished, go back to your current Zoom session by minimising the internet browser. In the session, select Polls on the Zoom Navbar to activate your planned polls.

Create poll from share screen

18. Select the poll you want to launch from the drop-down menu by selecting the dropdown arrow next to edit.

You will not have this option if only one Poll was created within the Zoom Portal Site.

Multiple polls

19. Select the poll of your choice and click on Launch Poll button at the bottom of the window. This will activate the Poll for all participants within the session to see and respond to.

sready to launch poll

20. Whilst participants are answering the poll questions, you will be able to see the amount and percentage of participants who have answered as well as how long the poll has been available.

Once a participant has answered the poll, it will disappear from their screen.

21. Once all ( or enough ) participants have answered the poll, you can then select End Poll to end the poll for all.

End Poll to end the poll for all participants in the session 

22. When the poll is ended, the result will show up for you, but not for participants. To share these same results with participants, select Share Results.

Select Share Results to share the results of the poll with all participants

You may re-launch the poll by selecting Re-launch Poll to reset and restart it if needed.

23. If shared, you now have a chance to discuss the results with the participants as they will have the results appear on their screen.

When you are ready to stop, select Stop Sharing and the results will automatically disappear from the participant's screen. You will need to close the page for it to move from your screen.

poll result sharing

24. Once completed, if you require to activate the second or multiple polls, repeat step 14 onwards, making sure to select the correct poll from the dropdown selection.

Multiple polls


Downloading results from the Zoom Poll

You can also download the results from the Zoom poll.

1. Click on the picture below to see a video demonstrating how to download the results from a Zoom poll.

zoom poll download


Creating a poll before beginning the session 

You can also upload poll questions before a class using a .csv file.

1. Click on the title of the Zoom session and scroll down to the end to access the polling option. There is an example .csv template file you can download by selecting the link Download a CSV Template which shows how to format the questions.

Zoom polling download template

Note: The CSV formatting determines the style and number of poll questions. 

  • For multiple questions within a poll (e.g. Polling1), do NOT leave a blank row between each question.
  • If you have multiple polls in one session, ensure a blank row is added between each Poll (see example below).

polling template

2. Complete the template, save it as a CSV file, and then upload it using Import CSV under the saved session schedule. 

Zoom polling import template

3. You can also preview the polling questions after importing, to ensure all the questions are correctly added.

Preview polling questions after importing


See this video for the steps on how to create the polls before a session.


Creating an Advanced Zoom Poll or Quiz

Advance Polls can be created before or during a Zoom session, and provide a wider range of questions (single choice, multiple-choice, matching, rank order, short answer, long answer, fill in the blank, rating scale and quiz). To learn how to create an Advance Poll see the Zoom guide Advanced polling and quizzing for meetings.


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