Panopto Mobile App

The Panopto App is available on Android and iPhone. Use the App to access, upload or download your unit's videos. The Panopto App allows you to search, discover and watch relevant content from your organization’s video library right on your mobile device. This application further supports offline videos, personalized home screen, a comprehensive search experience, and ability to upload or record new videos using your phone’s camera. 


This guide will cover:

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Download the Panopto App

Panopto App is available on Android and iPhone, to download the app:

  • Open the app store on your mobile.
  • Search for Panopto.
  • Download the app for free.

Sign in to Panopto

1. Open the app, enter your VU email address (1) then select Next (2).

sign in to panopto

 2. Select the (3) site.

please choose a site

3. Select Continue (4).

continue to sign in

4. Select Victoria University (5), then Sign in (6).

 sign in to vu panopto

5. Log in with your VU Staff ID and Password.



View videos

1. The home screen show displays a selection of videos. You can Search (1), navigate to Home, My Stuff and Browse (2) or select a video to view (3).

search browse and view videos

2. It is best to view videos horizontally.

3. Selecting the up arrow (1) at the bottom of the video, will allow you to view options (2) navigate the Table of Contents, make Comments, take Notes and Search the video.

viewing a video

Record videos

1. Select the plus button (1), near the bottom of the screen.

select plus button

2. Select Record a video (2).

select record a video

3. Select the record button to start recording.
You may also be requested to grant Panopto access to the camera and microphone.

start recording

4. When complete, select the stop button to stop recording.

stop recording

5. Select Done, to confirm recording.

retake or done

6. Your video will now upload into My Folder.



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