Create grade items, publish grades to students and manage your feedback.

Creating a grade item

The grade book is made up of the individual assignments, quizzes and other performance measurements that you choose to grade students on. Grade items can be tied to unit objects, like quizzes or discussion forums, or they can exist independently. Students can be graded numerically based on a grade scheme, pass/fail grades, or with a simple text message depending on the grade item chosen.

Step One: Accessing the grades

1. Select Assessments from the menu in the navbar, and click Grades.

access grades

2. Click Manage Grades. 

manage grades

Step Two: Create a grade item

1. From the Manage Grades page, click on New > Item.

new grade item

Note: Here you have access to a variety of different types of grade items, with numeric being the most common. Each item contains a description of the grade type and how it is used. For this example, we will create a numeric item.

2. Select Numeric.

new grade item numeric

3. Enter a Name for the grade item.  This should be the same name as the assessment and the rubric. For example, “Assessment 1 - Case Study”.

3.1. Enter a Short Name to display in the grade book.  For example, A1-CS.


5. To assign the grade item with a category, select a category from the Category drop-down list, or click New Category if you need to create one (This is not often needed).


6. Enter a Description of the grade item within the space provided.


7. If you want to make the description available to students, you have to select Allow users to view grade item description.

2020 02 11 1407

8. Enter the value you want the item graded out of in the Max. Points field. This should be the value of the assessment and rubric so if you are marking the assessment out of 100, the Max. Points will be 100.

9. The Weight refers to the percentage the assessment provides to the overall grade.  If the assessment is marked out of 100 (see point 8) but worth 40% of the overall marks, the weight would be 40 This option will only appear if you are using the weighted system.

10. If you want grades to be able to exceed the total value of the item, select Can Exceed.

11. Select Bonus if you want the item to be counted as a bonus item.


Note: Bonus items are not counted towards the maximum points for a category or final grade. You must select the Can Exceed and Bonus check boxes to allow grades to exceed the maximum points specified.

12. Click Add Rubric to add a rubric, or click the Create Rubric in New Window link to create a new rubric.


13. Display options provides the options to change the default settings of what the student gets to see.  The default settings show students their own score, percentage and feedback.  The other options available are shown below and are not necessarily recommended.

numeric grade item display options

15. Click Save and Close when completed.

Further Support

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Contact ITS Service Desk on (03) 9919 2777 or via self-service for further technical support.