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Creating a Grade Scheme

The Grades Scheme lets you represent students using symbols or labels such as HD, D, C or 3.0, 4.0 or 5.0 when assigning students with scores. In addition, there is currently a Percentage Scheme (%), Higher Education Grading Scheme and Honours Degrees Grading Scheme that has been made available by default for people to apply onto their Grades.

The Grade Scheme can only be created in a Master Space and can only be changed by Block Convenors, Convenors and Block Key Academics. 

The steps below demonstrate how you can create and add your own Grade Scheme:


Step One: View Grades Page

1. Log in to VU Collaborate and go to your unit Master Space.

2. Select Assessments from the navbar, then choose Grades.

1 access gradebook from assessments tab


Step Two: Create New Grade Scheme

1. Select Schemes on the Gradebook menu bar.

2. Click New Scheme.

2 access grade schemes from gradebook NEW

3. When creating a new scheme, you are required to enter the details below:

3.1 Enter relevant Name for the Scheme

3.2 Enter a Short Name to display in the grade book.

3.3 Define your grade Ranges.

  • First, enter the symbol you want to display for the grade range in the Symbol column. E.G., 'A' or 'Excellent' or '4.0'.
  • Enter the lowest grade to include in the Start % column.
  • Select the colour you would like associated with the range in the Colour column.
  • Enter the numeric grade you want users to achieve when they are evaluated using the grading scheme in the Assigned Value % field.

3 create a new scheme HE

4. To add more ranges onto the Grade Scheme, enter the number of ranges/rows required in the box located under the Number of Ranges. Once an amount has been entered, click Add Ranges. The additional ranges will now be added to the bottom of the Grade Scheme. Next, enter the required information of each range.

5. To delete a Grade Scheme Level, simply click on the delete icon icon located on the right-hand side of the Grade Scheme Level you would like deleted. 

additional features

 6. Click Save and Close to save your new Grade Scheme. 


Grade Scheme Information

By default, your unit grading scheme contains three Organisation Schemes: Percentage, HE Grading Scheme and Honours Degrees Grading Scheme. See the details of each scheme below:


Higher Education (HE) Grading Scheme: use this scheme for units using graded assessment in undergraduate or postgraduate coursework programs.

SymbolStand forValue
HD High distinction 80 - 100%
D Distinction 70 - 79%
C Credit 60 - 69%
P Pass 50 - 59%
N Not satisfactory/ Fail 0 - 49%


Honours Degrees Grading Scheme: use this scheme for units belonging to Honours Years, Honours Degrees, Degrees with Honours and postgraduate research programs.

SymbolStand forValue
H1 First class honours 80 - 100%
H2A Second class honours, upper 70 - 79%
H2B Second class honours, lower 60 - 69%
H3 Third class honours 50 - 59%
N Not satisfactory/ Fail 0 - 49%
S Ungraded pass  


For more information on other grading schemes, refer to this help guide: What your results mean.


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