Create registers that track attendance for activities and classes.

Understanding the Attendance Data


This guide is about understanding the attendance data. Before following this guide, please ensure that you have created an attendance register (Creating an Attendance Register) and recorded attendance (Recording Attendance). 


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Understanding Attendance Data

Recorded Attendance

Attendance Data consists of student Names, Sessions, Totals and % of Attendance.

All students are shown in the Attendance Data Sessions when you are recording attendance for your students. This can be done by day, week, or by topic. To learn more about how to record attendance, see Recording Attendance.

Totals display the total number of each status received per student. For example, Student 03 has the status of Present for two sessions, Absent for one session and Arrived Late/ Left Early for one session.

Attendance Example Marked

Attendance Statuses

  % Attendance indicates the percentage of students attending classes based on the statuses recorded. Please refer to the Creating an Attendance Scheme to learn about adding percentage values to statuses.

For this example, Present = 100%, Absent = 0%, Left Early = 75%, Arrived Late = 75%. 

Status Percentages

 Attendance Data

Based on those percentages, the % Attendance for Student 03 is calculated by adding (100 + 100 + 0 +75) divided by the total number of sessions recorded (4). Thus, Student03 has attended 68.75 % of the sessions recorded.

A Cause for Concern value indicates when you would like to track students that fail to meet attendance requirements. Please refer to the Creating an Attendance Register to learn more about this.

For this example, the Cause for Concern value is 75%. Thus, Student 03 has failed to meet the attendance requirements with a total attendance value of 68.75%.

An alert icon and red text will appear in the % Attendance column indicating that the student has not met attendance requirements. 

Percentage Calculation




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