Create registers that track attendance for activities and classes.

Recording Attendance

This guide explains how to record attendance in an Attendance Register within the delivery space.


To see a short video on How to Record Attendance in VU Collaborate, see the video below:


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Access the Attendance Register

1. In a unit space from the navbar, select Tools then Attendance.

on the navbar select tools then attendance

2. Click on the title of the required register E.g., Session Attendance.

select attendance register


Search or Filter students

If you only need to update a user, or group of students you can search or filter as required.


Search for a student

1. Enter a Name then click the Search magnifying glass.

search by name

Filter to a Group

1. Select Groups (1) then Apply (2).
2. Select a group (3) then Apply (4).

filter by group select view by groupfilter by group select a group


Record Attendance

Select a session

1. Click the pencil icon, to select a session.

select a session to enter attendance data


Set individually

1. For each student, select an Attendance Status (1) - None, P (Present) or A (Absent).
2. When complete, select Save (2)

select attendance status


Select multiple and set

1. Either tick to select students individually (1), or select all (2), then unselect students you don't wish to update yet.
2. Select Set Status (3).
3. In the pop-up window, select attendance status - None, P (Present) or A (Absent).
4. When complete, select Save, then Save again to confirm your selection.

 select multiple students and select status


Set for all

Setting attendence for all, will update all students, not just a filtered group.

1. Select Set Status for All Users (1).
2. In the pop-up window, select the attendance status (2) (for example, P or Present). 
3. When complete, click Save (3), then Save again to confirm your selection.

select all students and select status



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