Create registers that track attendance for activities and classes.

Recording Attendance

This guide explains how to record attendance in your Attendance Register.

You can record attendance for all students or individual students. The attendance data can be viewed by all users or groups. You can also export the attendance data in a spreadsheet (Excel format).

Tip: Please visit the Creating an Attendance Register guide for more information about Attendance Register.

Here are the steps to record attendance:


Step One: Access the Attendance Tool

1. Access the Attendance tool by going to Space Admin from the navbar. 


Nav Bar Space admin


Under Learner Management, click Attendance.


recording attendance step01


Step Two: Access the Attendance Register

1. Locate the Attendance Register that you wish to populate, click on the dropdown arrow and select View Attendance Data.


recording attendance step0201


Step Three: Access Attendance Data

1. Locate the Session in which you wish to record attendance and click the Enter Attendance Data pencil icon.


Recording attendance step0301

Note: You can record attendance for all students at once. Alternatively, you can set different statuses of attendance for individual students.

3.1 Record Attendance for all the students

1. Once you have clicked on the icon to enter attendance data, click Set Status for All Users.


set attendance data all users


2. The Set Status for All Users pop up window appears. Select a status from the drop down menu (for example, Present).


recording attendance step 3.1 02


3. Click Save to close the pop up window.

Note: If you do not want to record attendance for a particular session, you can select None as a status. This results in a dash symbol (-) appearing for that session next to a student's name.

Tip: You can modify/add/delete statuses in the Attendance Scheme, please visit the Creating an Attendance Scheme  guide for more information.


A confirmation message appears indicating that the status will be changed for the total number of students in your attendance register (e.g. eleven).

4. Click Save to continue.


3.2 Record Attendance for individual students

You can change the status for individual students by selecting the dropdown menu under Attendance Status next to their name.

For example, Student 02 has arrived Late or left early and Student 04 is Absent.


1. Click Save to confirm or click Close to finish.


attendance recorded

Tip: For a more comprehensive look at what this data means, please see Understanding Attendance.

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