Create registers that track attendance for activities and classes.

Creating an Attendance Register

Create an Attendance Register to record and monitor student attendance in class, workshops, tutorials and more. 

This guide explains how you can create an Attendance Register to record sessions in VU Collaborate. 


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Create a New Attendance Register

Access the Attendance Register

1. From the navbar select Tools, then Attendance to access the Attendance Tool.

tools attendance


Create a New Register

1. Select New Register.

Select new register

Enter New Register details

  1. Enter a Name (1), then optionally enter a Description (2).
  2. Choose an Attendance Scheme (3) from the drop-down list.
    Note: The default scheme is System Scheme, to create a new scheme see  Creating an Attendance Scheme.
  3. Enter a percentage number in the Cause for Concern field (4) to provide a visual warning when attendance falls below this level.
    For example, entering 80 would show the percentage of Attendance in red with an alert, for any student with an average attendance below 80%.
  4. Tick Allow users to view this attendance register (5) if you would like to give students access to the attendance list and the recorded attendance data.
  5. Select Users (6) to (a) include all users, or (b) select from groups or sections.
    We recommend selecting all users, then filter by class group when you record attendance. See Recording Attendance for details.

Creating a Register

Enter Session details

  1. Enter Session Names (1) and optionally, Session Descriptions (2).
  2. Sessions will appear in the numerical order determined by the Order (3) column.
  3. To delete a session, click the adjoining Delete Icon (4). This will change to a + icon in case you want to restore it, only until you click save.
    Note: Deleting a session will also clear any previously recorded attendance data. If you have recorded attendance, make sure that you no longer need the data before deleting the session.
  4. To add more session, enter the number of additional sessions required (5), then click Add Sessions (6).
  5. When you are finished, select Save (7) to confirm changes.
  6. Click on Close (8) when you have finalised updating the information on your new Attendance Register.

Enter Session Details


Delete and Restore Attendance Registers

Delete a Register

1. To delete a register, select the dropdown arrow (1), then select Delete (2).

Deleting a Register

Restore a Deleted Register

1. Previously deleted registers can be viewed by clicking More Actions (1) and selecting View Deleted Registers (2).

Restoring a Deleted Register

  2. Locate the register you wish to restore, then select Restore.



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