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Granting Student Special Access in Quizzes

 When students received special consideration for an assessment, changes may need to be made to allow for an extension date or additional attempts. This guide shows you how to modify a Quiz to extend the submission time for one or more students, while the details for the rest of the class remain the same.

Here are the steps to follow if you need to grant a student an extension in quizzes:


Step One: Go to your Quiz

1. In your VU Collaborate space from the navbar, select Assessments then Quizzes.

navigate to quizzes

2. From your quiz name (1), select Edit (2) from the drop-down menu.

click the dropdownmenu select edit


Step Two: Go to the Advanced Availablity settings

1. Expand the Availability Dates & Conditions panel (1).

expand availibilty dates and conditions

Scroll down and select Manage Special Access (2)

under special access click manage special access

Advanced Availablity settings

1. Select (1) Allow selected users special access to this quiz 
    Note: selecting Allow only users with special access to see this quiz, will mean that only the selected users will be given access.
2. Then click (2) Add Users to Special Access

select allow selected users special access to the quiz then add users



Step Three: Grant Special Access for individual students

Add Special Access to Quiz allows you to alter any individual setting. You can change:

  • Special Access Properties
  • Users and Groups: students who will have special access
    (a) Dates:
    due date and availability date and times
    (b) Timing: the amount of time available to complete the quiz, and
  • Attempts: The number of attempts at the quiz the student/s can take. 

Note: Be sure to add users to special access before updating date and time options.


1. (1) Search or scroll down and (2) tick to select the students who will be granted special access.

scroll to users search for users tick to select student


2. To filter users by class group select (1) View By and filter by (2) Group and then (3) Apply.

view by group then select apply


Dates and Time Duration

1. Enter the new due, start and end dates and times if required.

Select options to modify special access properties

2. If you wish to change the original time and duration settings select Override Time Limit

  • (1) New Time Limit: new quiz duration in minutes
  • (2) Multiplier: how many times more the new limit is than the original one (i.e giving a student double would mean 2)
  • (3) Extra Time: additional time in minutes
  • See Set Timing and Display for additional instructions.

3. Select Override behaviour if you wish to change what happens when the time limit is exceeded by the student.

There are a few options you can select: 

  • Automatically submit the quiz attempt
  • Flag as "exceeded time limit" and allow the learner to continue working
  • Do nothing: the time limit is not enforced


Select override time limit then set time limit for more options


If the student needs an additional attempt to complete the quiz update the attempt settings.

1. Select (1) Override attempts allowed, select the (2) number of attempts, the click (3) Apply.

under attempts select ovveride attempts allowed to allow a student 1 more attempt at assessment change attempts to 2

2. Review the Advance Attempt Conditions and select if required.


Step Four: Save Changes

When ready save your special access requirement for your selected student.

1. Click Save to close the settings

2. Review the listed student's settings.

Select the (1) pen icon to edit the settings, or select (2) remove to delete the access.


3. Click Save and Close to return to the quiz editing view.

Click save and close

4. Click Save and Close to close the quiz editing view.

Click save and close


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