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Create a quiz, survey, or self-assessment, review the results, and see class statistics.

Creating Questions in the Question Library

Use the Question Library to create any questions for a quiz, self-assessment or survey.

The information in this guide is intended for Instructors and Convenors.

The Question Library in the Quizzes, Surveys and Self-Assessments tool enables you to create and manage questions to help you maintain your questions organised. In this guide, we will be creating Quiz Questions. You can then create quizzes to evaluate students learning progress and provide immediate feedback. Select Survey or Self Assessments if you wish to create questions under those assessment options instead.

Below are the steps for accessing and managing the question library:


Step One: Access Quiz Question Library

 1. Select Quizzes from the Assessments menu.


Quizzes in Assessments Menu


2. Click Question Library tab. Any question created for a quiz, self-assessment or survey must be created using the Question Library. This will maintain a clean organisation and you will be able to reuse your questions across multiple quizzes and in different spaces.


question library tab


Step Two: Create a New Question

1. Click the New button to add a new question.

2. Select the type of question you would like to create from the list.

3. To learn how to create specific question types, please click an option from the following list to access the guide relevant to each item:

Creating True or False Questions (T/F) Creating Multiple Choice Questions (MC) Creating Multi-Select Questions (M-S) Creating Long Answer Questions (LA) Creating Short Answer Questions (SA) Creating Multi-Short Answer Questions (MSA) Creating a Fill in the Blanks Question (FIB) Creating Matching Questions (MAT) Creating Ordering Questions (ORD) Creating Arithmetic Questions (2+2) Creating Significant Figures Questions (x10) Creating Likert Questions (LIK)




Question Library

Once you have created your question(s) they will appear in the Question Library.

Question Library


Step Three: Organise your Questions using Sections

1. Create sections to maintain your questions organised. For example, create a section based on a topic or difficulty level.

2. To create a section click on New and select Section.


Section selected in the Question Library


3. Type a Section Name and a Message to remind you the purpose of the section.

4. Click Save to finish. Your section will appear on the left-hand side of the screen.


section title and save


5. Add questions in your new section by selecting the appropriate section, click New to create a question (see Step Two).

6. Alternatively, click Question Library to move questions that you have already created.


Step Four: Move your Questions into Sections

You can move the questions from the Question Library to any section.

1. Select the questions that you would like to include in your section and click on Move.


tick tick move


2. Select the Section where you will add the questions.




The questions will appear in the appropriate section.

Note: You can use a similar procedure to Move those questions again, Delete or Order

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