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Creating Questions in the Question Library

The cornerstone of any good quiz is a robust question bank built to test student's knowledge.

Creating your question in the Question Library, allows you to organise, and easily update questions across multiple quizzes. In addition, using sections, allows you to easily create a pool, to select random questions in your quiz.


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Access Quiz Question Library

1.  On the navbar, select Assessments, then Quizzes.

assessment quizzes

2.  Select Question Library

Go to the question library 

Create Sections and Questions

To create your library of questions, you can:

  • create new, or
  • import from a text file or existing quiz.


Create New

1. Click New, then select a section or question type

from new select a question type

New Section

Sections create folders to organise your questions in the Question Library and optionally provide information on the section in a Quiz.

1. Select New, then Section.
2. Enter the Title and Description section text.
3. In the right-hand-side pane, see how the text will be displayed in a quiz.
4. When ready, select Save.

enter section title and text

5. Sections are displayed as folders in the left-hand panel of the Question Library.

select folder


New Questions

1. Select New, then a question type, see the following list to learn more.


2.  Once you have created your question(s) they will appear in the Question Library.

view questions in the question library


1. Select Import and then select Upload a File or Browse Existing Questions.

Select Import and then select Browse Existing Questions

Upload a File / Quiz question converter

The Quiz question converter tool allows you to convert quiz questions from a Microsoft Word or PDF document into a CSV file. The file can then be imported into the Quiz Question Library or any specific quizzes within VU Collaborate. For more information see Creating Questions with the Quiz Converter Tool.

1. See Creating Questions with the Quiz Converter Tool, to create a text file of questions.
2. From Import, select Upload a File
3. Select and upload your file


Browse Existing Questions / Copy from a quiz

It is recommended that quiz questions be created within the Question Library for storage and reusability.
If you have created your questions within a quiz, they can still be imported into the Question Library.

1. From Import, select Browse Existing Questions
2. From the Source dropdown list, select the Quiz you wish to import. 

browse questions

3. Tick to select individual questions, or tick the top selection box to select all questions.
4. When ready, select Import, to import the question into the section folder.

select questions

import button


Move your Questions into Sections

If you have created questions outside of the section you are building, you can move these questions to any section within the question library.

1.  Select the tick boxes for the questions that you would like to include in your section and click Move.

5 move questions 

2.  Select the Section where you will move the questions to or click Cancel to return to the previous screen to change your selection.

 6 move to section

3.  The questions will appear in the appropriate section.

gif move ques

4.  You can use the same procedure to Move, Delete or Order any question in the question library.




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