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Creating Questions in the Question Library

The cornerstone of any good quiz is a robust question bank built to test student's knowledge. Before you create your quiz, you need to develop a question bank and this begins in the question library tool. In the question library, you can create a wide range of questions from multiple-choice questions to fill in the blank questions. Questions in the question library can be separated into sections to easily be later added into question pools for a quiz. 

Below are the steps for accessing and managing the question library:

Questions need to be created in the Master Space. Within the master space, only the Block Convenor, Block Key Academic, and Block Instructor have the permissions to create and edit questions in the question library. No further changes can be made to questions once they are in the delivery environment. 


Step One: Access Quiz Question Library

1.  Start by navigating to Assessments > Quizzes.

1 assessment quizzes

2.  Click on the Question Library tab. Creating your questions within the question library in contrast to with a quiz allows you to easily update them across multiple quizzes at once.

2 Question library 


Step Two: Create a New Question

1. Click the New button to add a new question.

2. Select the type of question you would like to create from the list.

3. To learn how to create specific question types, please click an option from the following list to access the guide relevant to each item.

3 question list

4.  Once you have created your question(s) they will appear in the Question Library.

Question Library


Step Three: Organise your Questions using Sections

Sections are essentially a folder where you put questions. They are very useful for dividing topics for various quizzes. You should always try to use a section for your question bank. You can also nest sections inside sections.

1.  To create a section click on New and select Section.

Section selected in the Question Library 

2.  Fill out the name for your folder in the Section Title field and enter a description in the Section Text field. If you want to include sensitive information in the description for other staff, you can choose to hide the section text from students by clicking on the associated radio "Hide Section Text From Students" button.

Typically it is not necessary to randomise questions at the section level. Questions can be set to randomise as an option when creating a question pool for a quiz.

3.  When you have finished entering the details, click Save.

 4 Section titles

4.  This will bring you back to the home page with your new section. From here click on the Section Title to enter the folder and then click on New to build up your question bank by adding different types of questions. 

gif question list update

5.  If you need assistance on an individual question type, refer to the help guides listed in step two.


Step Four: Move your Questions into Sections

If you have created questions outside of the section you are building, you can move these questions to any section within the question library.

1.  Select the tickboxes for the questions that you would like to include in your section and click Move.

5 move questions 

2.  Select the Section where you will move the questions to or click Cancel to return to the previous screen to change your selection.

 6 move to section

3.  The questions will appear in the appropriate section.

gif move ques

4.  You can use the same procedure to Move, Delete or Order any question in the question library.


Quiz question converter


The Quiz question converter tool allows you to create your questions in a word document and converts the word document into a CSV file for you to import into the Brightspace Question Library

quiz question converter

The Quiz question converter currently supports the following question types:

  • True or False
  • Multiple Choice
  • Multi-Select
  • Written Response
  • Short Answer
  • Matching Question
  • Ordering Question

For additional instructions follow this link.


Further Support

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