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Quiz Converter Tool 

The Quiz Converter Tool provides a quick way to create quiz questions in VU Collaborate. Mark your questions up with the converter format, convert them into a CSV file, and then import them into Quiz or Quiz Question Library in VU Collaborate.

This guide will show you how to create questions in the Quiz Converter tool, import them into a Quiz Question Library, and then add them to a quiz.

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Step One: Format the Quiz Questions 

Do you have many Multiple Choice Questions?
The Quiz convert tool can speed up the creation process in VU Collaborate.

1. Prepare your quiz questions using the required format for your question type.

Step Two: Access the Quiz Converter Tool 

Go to VU Collaborate Essentials

1. In VU Collaborate, from the waffle (1), enter VU Collaborate Essentials (2), select the search icon (3), and then select VU Collaborate Essentials (4) from the dropdown list.

 Use the Waffle to Navigate to the VU Collaborate Essentials Page


Access Quiz Converter tool

2. From the Learning Space, select Quizzes and Surveys (1) module, and then Quiz Question Converter (2).

In the learning space tab navigate to quizzes and surveys then click into the quiz converter page

3. Once inside the module, select Quiz Question Converter to access the tool. 

  the Quiz converter tool can also be selected from the section under the quizzes and surveys tab


Create a CSV file of questions

4. Open your document with the saved quiz questions. Highlight/Select all the questions and copy the document (CTRL + C) and paste (CTRL + V) into the Quiz Converter Tool text box.

Copy and paste your quiz questions into the quiz question converter tool text box  

5. Once you are happy with the questions, scroll down to the end of the page and click Convert (1). This will convert the questions into a CSV file.    

After pasting questions into the tool scroll to the bottom and press the green convert button

Successful file generation is indicated by a green pop up underneath the convert and clear text buttons


Step Three: Upload Questions into the Quiz Library

1. Head into the unit space where you would like to add the quiz questions and select the Assessments tab and from the options select Quizzes
Navigate to the assessments tab in the space then select the quizzes tab

 2. Select the Question Library tab. 
navigate to the question library tab in the quizzes page

3. From Import (1), select Upload a File (2)

Within the question library select import and from the dropdown select upload a file

4. From here, you can select Browse Files and search for your recently downloaded .CSV file or alternatively, drag the .CSV file directly into the Drag and drop box.  

press the browse files button to locate where the CSV file was saved and upload you can also drag and drop

5. Once the upload process is complete, the following message will appear: Upload Complete. If you would like to review the questions before importing, then select the Review button. To import the questions select Import All

After uploading press the import all button

6. The questions will now appear in the Question Library. When complete, select Done Editing Questions to return to your quiz list.

After importing questions to the question library select the done editing questions button from the top right


Step Four: Upload Questions into a Quiz

This guide shows how to add questions to an existing quiz, to learn how to create a new quiz see Creating a Quiz

 1. From the list of quizzes, select the title of the quiz you wish to edit.
In the quizzes page select an existing quiz

2. Under Questions select Add Existing (1), then Browse Question Library (2)

under the questions heading select add existing and then browse question library from the dropdown

3. Tick (1) to select the required questions, then select Import (2), to add the question to the quiz.

select imported questions from their location in the questions library  


Further Support

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Contact ITS Service Desk on (03) 9919 2777 or via self-service servicedesk.vu.edu.au for technical support.



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