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Exporting and Importing Gradebook Data

The information in this guide is intended for Block Convenors and Block Instructors.

Gradebook data can be exported to your computer to modify offline or keep for auditing purposes. Export student grades to an Excel spreadsheet to allow you to add and modify grades offline. You then have the ability to import the spreadsheet back into the Gradebook for your VU Collaborate Space, making the management of large classes as simple as possible.

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Accessing your Gradebook

1. Select the Assessments from the navigation bar and select Grades.

1 access grades


Part One: Export your Gradebook to Excel (CSV Format)

1. Select the Enter Grades tab to access the gradebook.

2. Click on the Export button.

Access the Export function from Enter Grades 

3. Select All users if you want to export the grades of all the students in the class or follow steps 2.1 to export groups. 

4. In the Key Field, you can select either Org Defined ID or Username as they both would provide student ID.

5. In Sort By, select to export in chosen order. i.e. (Name, Last name, Username).  Default orders are Org Defined ID, Last Name, First Name.

Export Grade Options 1

6. Select the Grade Values you would like to export. If you want to modify the spreadsheet data and import it back into VU Collaborate, only select Points grade.

7. Select the User Details that you would like to export. It’s recommended that you select Last Name and First Name so that you can identify students otherwise you will only be provided with their student number.

Export Grade Options 2

You can also use this function to print a list of your students in groups. 

7. Select the checkbox next to the grade items you wish to export then click on Export to CSV to export your data.

It's recommended to export as CSV files as they can be opened in Excel and this format is required to import your Gradebook back into VU Collaborate.

Choose Grades to Export



Step Two: Downloading and Managing the CSV File

1. A pop-up window will appear. Click on the Download button to download your CSV File.

Pop up window download button

If you do not see this view, navigate to the Downloads folder on your computer to access the CSV file.

2. The CSV file will display student information and any grades that have been entered for each Grade item.

excel spreadsheet with same student in left column and corresponding columns with example grade data


Step Three: Adding/Adjusting Grades in the Spreadsheet

1. Enter the results for students in the column for each Grade item that requires a grade. You can also change previously entered grades and alter the order (eg., put into alphabetical order).

2. Grades should only be entered in the Points Grade columns. Leave any Weighted, Scheme or Final Grade columns as these will be automatically calculated when you import the data back into VU Collaborate.

Do not change the headings in any of the columns in the CSV file. This will ensure your CSV file is in the correct format, ready to import into VU Collaborate.

Column in excel spreadshet entitled Final Project Points Grade highlighted, with example mark of 40 below it.

3. Once you have completed your marking save your file. Do not change the name of the file; keep it the same as when you downloaded it.

4. You may be prompted to accept the CSV file format, select Yes.

5. To learn how to import the grades back into VU Collaborate please see the Part Two: Importing Gradebook Data guide below. 

Excel popup asking permission to save file as CSV. Yes button is highlighted



Part Two: Importing your Excel file (CSV format) back to your Gradebook

1. Select the Enter Grades tab to access the grade records.

2. Click the Import button.

Note: Only Numeric, Pass/Fail, Selectbox, and Text grade items, and the Final Adjusted Grade can be imported

2 access import grades

3. Click on the Choose File button.

1 upload csv file

4. From your devices, locate the CSV file you have entered grades in and click on Open.

1.1 Located the file from laptop

6. (Optional) If you manually import a new grade item, you can tick on the Item Creation option, which allows a new grade item to be created when an unrecognised item is found. 

3 new grade item creation

7. Select Continue to further process.

4 continue button


Step Two: Import Error Check

1. If the CSV file is not in the correct format you will receive Errors and Warnings. In the example below, two students have grade values exceeding the max point of 100, the system has advised changing the grades.

If you've encountered an error message, you can click on the Go Back button and re-upload your modified .CSV file.

2 sample error messages when importing grades

2. Once errors and warnings have been resolved, click Continue.

Note: If you encounter errors and are unable to resolve them, try Exporting Gradebook Data, and entering the data again. 

continue Step 2 2 2


Step Three: Preview Import Grade Data

1. You will see a preview of the data that will be imported into your Gradebook which will note any changes that have been made.

2. For example “ - / 10 -> 8 / 10” indicates that the grade for this student has been modified from ‘nil/10’ to ‘8/10’.

3. Click Import to continue.

Import Preview 

The Gradebook will be updated with the data from the CSV file. Therefore, it's recommended to review the updated grades against your CSV files.

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