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Randomly Selecting Questions from a Question Pool

In your Quiz, create a Question Pool to randomly select a chosen number of questions from a larger pool.

Step One: Access the Quizzes Tool

 1. Select Quizzes from the Assessments menu.

assessment quizzes

Step Two: Edit the Quiz

In this example we will edit an existing Quiz, if you need to create a quiz, please refer to Creating a Quiz. 

1. From your (1) quiz name, select (2) Edit from the drop-down menu.

quiz edit

Step Three: Create New Question Pool

 1. From (1) Create New, select (2) Question Pool

new create new question pool

2. Enter a Question Pool Title.

question pool title

View our Randomising Question in a Quiz in the current view, quick demonstration video.

  Randomising questions in a quiz


 Step Four: Add Questions to the Question Pool

Import Questions

1. To import questions, click on Browse Question Library.

select browse question library

 2. Tick the questions you would like to add, and then click Import.

select question then import

Review Questions

Review the imported questions:

  • Select the (1) number of random questions to select from the pool. In this example 5 are selected from 11.
  • Enter the (2) points for each question.
  • View a preview of the question. Select (3) refresh preview to view a new selection of questions.
  • When ready click (4) Save

review pool questions

Note: if the (1) Preview button is displayed expand your window to view the preview inline.

preview button and close window

Step Five: Save your Quiz

1. Navigate back to the quiz settings

navigate back to quiz settings

2. Review settings, then when ready, click Save and Close

Select save and close


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