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Randomising Questions for a Quiz

The Quizzes tool in VU Collaborate allows you to distribute a unique set of questions to individual students. Create and use Question Pool (random sections) to pull an elected number of questions from a designated pool stored in the Question Library (Creating Questions in the Question Library).

Before following this guide, please ensure that you have Created a Quiz (Creating a Quiz) in VU Collaborate and that you have available questions within your Question Library (Creating Questions in the Question Library).


The steps include:

Step One: Access the Quizzes Tool

 1. Select Quizzes from the Assessments menu.


Assessments dropdown menu with Quizzes button highlighted


Step Two: Select Quiz

 1. On the Manage Quizzes page, click on the quiz you want to add a random section to.


Manage Quizez


Step Three: Add/Edit Question

 1. Click Add/Edit Questions in the Properties tab.


Quiz Properties tab showing entry boxes for quiz details including name and category. Add/Edit Questions button highlighted.


Step Four: Create New Random Selection

 1. Click New then select Question Pool.


Radom new and question pool

2. Enter a Question Pool Title.

randomising Step0402



 Step Five: Add Questions to the Question Pool

1. To import questions, click on Browse Question Library.


Randomising step0501


 2. Tick the questions you would like to add, click on Add.


 randomising step0502


3. Enter the number of questions per attempt you want each user to see from the random section. For example, if you have 8 questions in your question pool, inserting “6” in the Numbers of Questions to Select field will display 6 questions randomly to the student from the pool of 8 in the question pool.


 randomising step0503


3.1 After entering the number, selected questions can be previewed straight away. You can click on the icon if you want to change the questions. 


 randomising step050302


4. Enter the points value for each question in the Points each field.


randomising step0504

Note: All questions within a random section are assigned the same point value.

7. Click Save then Done Editing Questions.


Initial menu of random section with button on right highlighted. It is the Done Editing Questions button.


Step Six: Save your Quiz

1. Click Save and Close on the edit quiz page.

Tip: You can add additional Question Pools to your quiz to ensure that your students receive the correct number of questions from each topic that is incorporated in the assessment task.

Save Close button


Further Support

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