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Submitting a Quiz on Behalf of a Student

Sometimes a quiz attempt is not submitted and remains in progress (often due to technical issues).
In these situations, you can go and submit the quiz on behalf of the student.

Take the following steps to submit a quiz on behalf of a student:


Step One: Access Quizzes

1. From the navbar select Assessments, then Quizzes.

access assessment quizzes

2. From the relevant quiz name, select Grade from the dropdown menu, 

from quiz select grade 

Step Two: Search for Attempts in Progress

Filter to find any attempts still in progress

1. Select Show Search Options, to view additional search options

show search options

 2. Search for users with attempts in progress:

  • From Restrict To select (1) Users with attempts in progress
  • To search on the selection, click the (2) magnifying glass.

search restricted to inprogress search

Tip: Use the search functionality to filter the view to only show specific information such as students who have completed an attempt or have not attempted the quiz or search for students using their name. Set the per page view to 200 to ensure more results are shown on the same page.

 You will now have a list of students whose quiz attempts are still in progress.
3. Under the students’ name, next to “(In progress)”, select the Enter Quiz as User icon.

attempt in progress

4. A dialogue box will appear asking you to confirm whether you would like to enter the quiz as the student concerned. Select Yes.



Step Three: Confirm Submitting the Quiz

1. When ready, select Submit Quiz.

submit quiz

2. Note quiz confirmation and then again, click Submit Quiz to confirm submission.

confirm submission


Step Four: Review

1. Clear Search, to list all students with submissions.

clear search

2. Search for the appropriate student and confirm the submission of the quiz attempt.

search for student

3. If ready, you can also (1) select the attempt, and then (2) publish the feedback.

publish grade



Further Support

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