Create grade items, publish grades to students and manage your feedback.

Grading and Publishing to Students

Viewing and finalising grades in the Grade Book

In addition to providing feedback to students, the grade book moves grades from VU Collaborate directly to VU Connect to provide final grades to students.
This guide will take you through the tasks needed to get your grade book ready.


 Viewing and publishing grades and feedback:

Go to the Enter Grades page in the Grade Book

Go to your Grade Book

In your VU Collaborate space on the navigation bar, click Assessments then Grades.

assessment grades

Go to the Enter Grades page

The Manage Grades page in Grades lists all your grade items and the assessment items they are associated with (i.e. Assessment Dropbox, Discussions or Quizzes). To view student grades by assessment, go to the Enter Grades page.

Click Enter Grades.

enter grades tab 2

View graded and ungraded submissions

On the Enter Grades page, you can switch between Standard View (to view grades, and submissions) or Spreadsheet View (to enter grades). 

Check you are in Standard View

To view grades and submissions, check that you are in Standard View. If you are in Spreadsheet view click the Switch to Standard View button.

switch to standard view button

Standard View

In Standard View, you will see grades and icons for assessment submission.

In the example below you can see:
1. Assessment submission icons, clicking these will take you directly to the student submission.
2. Assessment submission icons with a small orange circle, indicates a new submission.
3. New Dropbox submission, previously graded
4. New submission, not yet graded
5. No submission

grade book standard view 4

Publish grades and feedback

Grade items in the grade book should be associated with an online assessment submission wherever possible, in line with VU's Assessment for Learning standards. Grades for these assessments (i.e. Assessment Dropboxes, graded Discussion or graded Quizzes) automatically flow into the grade book on publishing feedback. 

These grades will not be viewable in the grade book until they are published.
To learn how to publish feedback see the following guides:

For assessment items where online submission is not possible, you can enter grades and feedback directly into the grade book.


Finalise grades in the Grade Book

Note: Callista Result Code has now been renamed to SMS Result Code.

The Final Calculated Grade is the default grade item given to students unless you enter a Final Adjusted Grade or a SMS Result Code.

  • Final Calculated Grade: This is the primary system-generated grade item, and is automatically populated with a cumulative score calculated by the sum and weight of the assessment items set out in your unit.
    If there is no Final Adjusted Grade or SMS Result Code in place, this is the score that will be provided to students.

  • Final Adjusted Grade: This is a system-generated grade item, and can be used to override a calculated numeric grade during the grade moderation process. The moderated/final adjusted grades are entered here so the integrity of marks for individual assessments and the final calculated grade is maintained. For moderation, rounding and adjustments see Final Friday.
    This grade will overwrite the Final Calculated Grade.

  • SMS Result Code: You may use L (Unconfirmed/Late grade) where needed and S (Satisfactory ungraded pass) or U (Ungraded fail) for Pass/Fail units.
    This grade will overwrite the Final Calculated Grade.

To enter changes make sure you Switch to Spreadsheet View.

In the example below grades will be transferred as follows:

  • 1 - SMS Result Code 'L'
  • 2 - Final Adjusted Grade '50'
  • 3 - Final Calculated Grade (rows with no SMS Result Code or Final Adjusted Grade)
         First Row - (lower than .5, will be rounded down): 69
         Last Row - (high than .5, will be rounded up): 71

final grades 2

Clear Placement 'PL' grades from SMS Result Code - (for Placement Units)

Placement units with a professional experience attached to them will have a 'PL' code automatically entered in SMS Result Code for each student by default. If you are ready to release grades you will need to remove the PL grade before results are finalised.

In Spreadsheet View or Standard View, from the SMS Result Code context drop-down menu, select Enter Grades.

result code enter grades

Tick the (1) top check box to select all students, then click (2) clear grades to remove all PL grades.

select all clear grades

On the confirmation message, click Yes to confirm changes.

yes btn

Then from the bottom of the window click Save and Close, then Yes to return to the Enter Grades page.

save and close button    Yes button


View Grade Changes in the Event Log

As grades can be updated at any time, to view who and when a change has been made, from the More Actions button select Event Log.
Or to view the event log for one grade item, select the Event Log from the Grade Items drop-down context menu.

more actions event log 



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