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Create grade items, publish grades to students and manage your feedback.

Setting up the Gradebook

The Grades Setup Wizard guides you through the gradebook setup. 

This process needs to be run in a Master Space by a Convenor, Block Convenor or Block Key Academic and should be completed before creating grade items or categories.

To see a short video on How to Set Up a Gradebook, see the video below:



Here are the following steps to set up a Gradebook:


Step One: Access Grades

1. Navigate to your desired unit space, select Assessments on the main navigation bar.

2. Click Grades.

Access Grades


Step Two: Access the Setup Wizard

1. The Setup Wizard will automatically open if you have not set up a gradebook for the space. Alternatively, if your current screen is not the Grades Setup Wizard, you can click the Setup Wizard tab.

1 Access to Setup Wizard 

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on the Start button to get started.

2 Getting started with setup wizard


Step Three: Choose Grading System

The grading system determines how the grade items in your grade book are calculated for students’ final grades.

1. Select the type of grading system you would like to use by clicking on the radio button next to the system name.

  • Weighted: Grade items and categories are calculated as a percentage of a final grade worth 100%. The maximum points assigned to individual grade items can be any value, but their contribution towards the final grade is always the assigned percentage value.
  • Points: Grade items are calculated using a points system in which the points assigned to each grade item are totalled for the final grade. The final grade amount can be any number of points.
  • Formula: Grade items are calculated using the points system, but the formula sets conditions around how grade items contribute to the final grade.

Ensure you select Weighted as a grading system if your units are in Block Mode. See how to use the Gradebook in block model units for further information.

2. Click Continue.

3 select grading system as weighted


Step Four: Choose the Grade Released to Students

1. Select the final grade you wish to display to students by clicking on the radio button next to the release type.

  • Calculated Final Grade: The final grade is calculated by the grade book.
  • Adjusted Final Grade: A modified or adjusted final grade entered manually.

The calculated or adjusted final grade is not automatically released to students. By default, the Automatically release final grade option is turned off. For further information, see the Understanding final grade calculations article.

2. Click Continue.

4 setup release of final grades


Step Five: Grade Calculations

1. Select an option from ungraded items.

The grade calculations options provide additional choices for calculating students’ grades. Specifically, it lets you decide how to calculate ungraded items and whether you want to keep students’ final grades up to date automatically.

  • Drop ungraded items: Grade items that do not have grade values are not counted towards the student’s final calculated/adjusted grade. The final grade value will progressively increase throughout the semester as grades are given to students in the grade book.
  • Treat ungraded items as 0: Grade items that do not have grade values are counted as 0 towards the student’s final calculated/adjusted grade. This setting automatically scores students 0 for each grade item until they are updated.

If you add new items to the grade book later, users receive a 0 until you update their score. 

 2. Tick the Auto Update box if you wish to automatically adjust the final grade after changing a grade or calculation option.

Automatically keep final grade updated: If you select this option, final grades are automatically adjusted after changing a grade item or a calculation option. If you do not choose this option, you must tell the grade book to recalculate final grades.

 3. Click Continue.

5 choose grade calculation options


Step Six: Choose Default Grade Scheme

1. In the Default Scheme column, click on the radio button to select a Default Grade Scheme.

Grade schemes define how grades are organised or labelled within a unit or a particular grade item.

  • For Higher Education Undergraduate or Postgraduate Coursework programs, select HE Grading Scheme.
  • For Postgraduate Research or Honours Years, Honours Degrees and Degrees with Honours programs, select Honours Degrees Grading Scheme.

To preview the difference of each scheme, you can click on the Preview icon. For more details in each grade scheme, refer to this guide: Creating a Grade Scheme

2. Click Continue.

6 choose a default grade scheme NEW


Step Seven: Select Number of Decimals

1. Manually enter the number of decimal places you would like to display in your managing view. The default value is two, and the maximum value is 5.

2. Click Continue.  

7 enter decimal points


Step Eight: Student Display Options

This step allows you to control what grade information is displayed to students.

8.1. Grade Details

1. Select the Grade Details you would like to be visible to students. 

  • Points grade: Shows students the grade value is given, for example, 6/10.
  • Weighted grade: Shows students how much the grade item is worth concerning its category or final grade weight.

This option is only available if you choose the weighted grading system in step three.

  • Grade scheme symbol: Shows students the scheme level they received on a grade item. For example, P, C, D, HD.
  • Grade scheme colour: Shows students a colour associated with the scheme level they received. You must also select a grade scheme symbol for this option to work.

student view display options


8.2 Number of Decimals and Characters

Decimals Displayed: Type in the number of decimals students see in the grade book. The default value is 2, and the maximum value is 5.

Characters Displayed: Type in the number of characters students sees for a text grade item. The default value is 15, but it can be set to between 0 and 50 characters in length.

display options for grades


8.3 Final Grade Calculation

1. This option will show students how their final grade was calculated. For example, this will show which grade items contributed to their final grade and how much, which grade items were bonus grades, and whether their grade was adjusted. The default is not ticked, and there is no need to tick it. 

2. Click Continue.

8 student review final grade display


Step Nine: Review Gradebook Settings

The final step summarises the choices you made while setting up your grade book.

1. Click Finish to complete your gradebook setup.

If you would like to change any of these settings, click Go Back to return to a step and adjust it.

final page with finish button

After setting up the gradebook, a suggestion screen will appear with some grading options such as; create a new item and category.

For more information on each Grade Option, refer to Grades Help Guides.

9 grade options


Further Support

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