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Add a Rubric to an Assessment Dropbox

A Rubric is an assessment tool used to evaluate an activity or item based on a predefined set of criteria. They help ensure that activities and items are evaluated fairly and consistently.

This guide shows how to attach a Rubric to an Assessment Dropbox.

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Before you begin

Prior to reading this guide, please ensure you have created an Assessment Dropbox folder and Rubric, see creating an assessment dropbox and Creating an Analytic Rubric for more information.


Step One: Access Assessment Dropbox

1. In a VU Collaborate space on the navigation bar, select Assessments then Dropbox.

assessment dropbox


Step Two: Edit Assessment Dropbox

1. Select the drop-down menu arrow next to the Assessment Dropbox you would like to attach the rubric within.

2. Select Edit Folder from the menu.

edit dropbox folder


Step Three: Attach a Rubric

1. To assist in the evaluation, marking and provision of feedback for student submissions, you can use a Rubric. Expand Evaluation & Feedback section on your right-hand side to showcase settings associated with Evaluation and Feedback of Assessment.

expand evaluation and feedback panel

2. Select Add rubric (1) then select Add Existing (2) to select a rubric from your collection.

If you do not see your rubric listed, your rubric may be listed as Draft or Archived. Please ensure that the status is Published. To check the status of your rubric, go to the Rubrics tool, click on the arrow next to the rubric name and select Set Status, changing it to Published

3.You can Search (3) to locate your rubric, tick (4) to select, then click Add Selected (5) to attach the rubric to the Dropbox.

select existing rubric and add

Remove a Rubric

Only one rubric can be used for sending grades to the gradebook. If more than one rubric is added, only the result from one rubric will be transferred.

a. To remove a rubric, select the Delete Rubric X icon (1)

remove a rubric

View the Rubric

4. Once the rubric has been inserted into the dropbox, you can expand the Rubric (1) to view what it will look like when evaluating a student's assessment. 
5. When ready, click on Save and Close (2) to save your changes.

expand to view rubric in the dropbox

Student View

6. Once the rubric has been saved, the students can click on Show Rubrics to view the rubric from their dropbox.

If the rubric has been linked to a group assignment dropbox, students need to first be enrolled into a group to access the dropbox and view the rubric.

student view when entering the dropbox


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