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Linking a Rubric to an Assessment Dropbox Folder

Rubrics is an assessment tool used to evaluate an activity or item based on a predefined set of criteria. They help ensure that activities and items are evaluated fairly and consistently.

Prior to reading this guide, please ensure that you have created an Assessment Dropbox folder. You will also need to create a rubric before attaching it to the assessment drop-box folder. View the How-to guides on Creating a Holistic Rubric or Creating an Analytic Rubric for more information.

1. Accessing the assessment drop-box

2. Editing the assessment drop-box

3. Attaching a rubric

This can only be done in the Master Space by the Block convener, Convener, Block Instructor or Key Block Academic.

Step One: Access Assessment Dropbox

1. Select Dropbox from the Assessments menu.

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Step Two: Edit Assessment Dropbox

1. Click on the drop-down menu next to the Assessment Dropbox you would like to attach the rubric to.

2. Select Edit Folder from the menu.

 Step01 02 DL

Step Three: Attach a Rubric

 1. Click on the Add Rubric button in the edit folder properties tab.

 Step01 03 DL

2. A pop-up window will appear. Select the rubric you wish to attach from the list and click Add Selected.

 Step01 04 DL

If you do not see your rubric listed, your rubric may be listed as Draft or Archived. Please ensure that the status is Published. To check the status of your Rubric, go to the Rubrics tool, clicking on the arrow next to the rubric name and select Set Status, changing it to Published.

3. Your rubric will now be listed in the Rubrics section. Leave the Default Scoring Rubric as No Default selected.

Only one rubric can be used for each assessment.  If more than one rubric is added, only one rubric result will be entered into the Gradebook.

Step01 05 DL

4. Click on Save and Close to save your changes.

Step01 06 DL

View the guide on creating an analytic rubric or creating an assessment dropbox for more information.

5. Once the rubric has been saved, the students can click on Show Rubrics to view the rubric from their dropbox.

If the rubric has been linked to a group assignment dropbox, students need to first be enrolled into a group to access the dropbox and the rubric.

Show Rubrics



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